Oh the words that are comin' outta her mouth!

Me: "Faith, we need to take your libary books back."
Faith: "Or they will find us?"
Me: "No, Faith, they will FINE us, with an E."

Faith: "Dad, will you take my picture?"
Dad: "Sure." (click)
Faith: "Can you facebook it?"

Me, struggling to get a booger out of Gabby's little nose.
Faith: "Here's how I get a booger." (starts to put index finger up to nose)
Rob and I: (dying laughing)

(Driving by an antique shop with a mannequin outside)
Faith: (Squeal)
Me: "What? What is it?"
Faith. "A barbie. A big one."

Faith, stumbling into the living room after she just woke up
"My car ran out of gas. And I don't have money to buy any."

(Guy with no shirt on rides by on a bike)
Faith: (in a tattletale voice) "He's naked."

23 things about Gabby Grace: 3 month edition

Does this baby look like her mama's baby pics or what?!
The "24 things" posts that are a fairly regular feature on this blog started when Faith was 3 months old. She was born on the 24th of June, hence the reason for the number. Since Gabby was born on the 23rd,  she gets 23 things and a bonus item to keep it fair. Don't want either of them claiming I have a favorite as I love em both equally, yet for different reasons (something I couldn't fully understand until Gabs was born three months ago!) THREE MONTHS! Wow!

To my precious Gabby Grace,

1) You are a good sleeper! Since about 7 weeks old, you've been sleeping through the night (10 ish to 5-6 ish). Last night you slept from 10 to 6:30 when I had to wake you up (nursing mothers can't wait all day if ya know what I mean). You must have wanted me to brag about you on the blog today :)

2) After you sneeze, you make an audible sigh. It's pretty much the cutest sound ever.

3) Baby crack just doesn't do it for you. Neither does "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train which worked every time for your older sister. I sang some Adele the other day when you were fussy and you stopped crying. You must have better taste in music than Faith.

4) You like Nuk pacis, but use MAMs too. You pretty much only take it when you're tired. Have I mentioned my love for binkies?

5) There's a red tint to your hair. No, I don't know where you got it from, but I think it's beautiful! It's more of a deep red and makes your eyelashes look golden in certain lights.

6) This is random, but I feel like we go through soooo many diapers. You are the most hydrated child on the planet!

7) Your dad sure loves you. Whenever he sees you, he says, "Hello, hello, helloooo!" and the light in your eyes just shines!

I think you look like Auntie Rachel here!
8) Mom knows the trick for getting a surefire smile. I just make a "brr" noise with my lips and you can't help but turn up the corners of your mouth.

9) Faith has accepted you from day 1. She is protective, inclusive and concerned for you. "Where's Gabby?" "We need to go pick up Gabby." "Gabby spit up." "Gabby doesn't like me." It's so sweet. I can't wait til you can show your affection back toward her.

10) Sometimes you smile in your sleep. Is it fountains of breastmilk or a mountain of binkies you're dreaming about?

11) You're kind of a spitter. It's usually the second burp after your feedings that has me doing more wardrobe changes than Cher.

12) We have you on a pretty good feedings schedule. 4 ish ounces about 6 times a day. You seem full, content and are sleeping good, so we'll stick with that routine for a while.

"Who the hell do Kim and Kanye think they are...naming that child North West. Seriously."
13) Don't even try giving you a cold bottle. (We can add the Iowa State Fair parking lot to the list of weird places I've nursed you.)

14) In the last few weeks, you've really found your voice. We have some pretty compelling conversations. You: "Ahhhhgaahhhhh." Me: "Oh, really?"

15) Bathtime took a dramatic turn for the better. I haven't gotten water in your eyes since day one and you are actually relaxing in the sink. We've only done one bathtub bath and thank Gob you didn't do this.

16) The key to a good nap or sleep for you is a long-sleeve onesie and a swaddle. Babysitters take note ;)

17) While you're by no means a big baby, you're certainly chunkier than your sissy ever was...this is a good thing. I love your double chin and leg rolls.

18) You started day care last week and seem to be doing OK. Other than the day I dropped you off after you had a blowout in the car and simultaneously spit up all over, I think you've made a good impression. Today the daycare lady said, "I wanna keep her." That made me happy!

Mom, you're boring me.
19) When people ask who you look like, wondering if it's mom or dad, we respond with, "her sister." Yes, you look a lot like Faith, but I am starting to think you look like my baby pics. (Sorry, dad. Hopefully she'll get your musical talent :)

20) You're getting a lot better at holding your head up and doing a pushup during tummy time. Aunt Ramey will be happy to hear this.

21) Your clogged tear duct FINALLY went away...or maybe you just haven't cried in awhile. Let's not find out.

22) You held out on us with the smiles until 7 weeks, but have since made up for lost time. I can't wait to hear you laugh for the first time. So what's your schtick? People in pain? Funny faces? Animal noises? I'll do it! All of it!

23) I wondered what having baby #2 would be like and how I would feel about you as compared to your firstborn sister. And the result? I love you so so much. It's not even comparable as I love you each for who you are. You're a joy to have around, be around and take around. As the song goes, "Til my last day, I'll be lovin' you."

*Bonus item: Today I took a few hours of vacation and stayed home with you in the morning. We nursed, napped and took some pictures in your sticker onesies. We then took some photos at JCPenney of just you and no big sis. I want you to know you are a little sister, yes, but you are an individual and an amazing, incredible and strong willed one at that. I love you for you. And I always will!

And with that, this photoshoot ended abruptly.

The Incredible Summer of 2013

Wow, what a summer! I can't believe it's coming to a close already. It seems like last week Rob and I were on our way to the hospital (the second time) to welcome beautiful Gabby Grace into the world.

Since then, we've marked our anniversary, his birthday, Father's Day, Faith's birthday, my sister's wedding and many more milestones. I cannot sum up in words what this summer has been for our family, but it has simply been incredible (and let's not lie, sometimes stressful as all hell) to spend these last 12 weeks just the four of us.

I feel blessed, lucky, and beyond grateful that Rob's profession allowed him to be home during the duration of my maternity leave and when he couldn't be there because he had grad class, that my mom sacrificed by working the late shift to come help me in the mornings. It has been amazing to be a stay-at-home mama for the summer, and as happy as I am for us to have a real routine (and a daily shower) again, I am truly going to miss not knowing what day it is, hours flashing by in the blink of an eye, and seeing my children learn and grow before my very eyes.

I don't know that we'll ever have the opportunity to spend this much time as a family ever again, so I will cherish this summer in my mind and my heart for many years to come. I hope the pictures will help me recall what an incredible time it was, the summer of 2013.

Welcome, Gabby!
First pic as a family of four! Not sure what gang sign Faith is throwing up...
Gabby's first bath -- I still laugh every time I watch this video! The expressions on our faces in this photo are quite telling.
We celebrated our anniversary by going out for a burger and a beer, buying a treadmill and then a quick Target run. Who says there is no romance after six years? ;) I heart the Tap House...and cheeseballs!
My sister's bridal shower...great pic of us ladies!
Faith is an awesome big sister. She truly loves her Gabby Gracer- yes, with an R. I know they'll be many fights in their future, but I hope they grow up to be best friends.

Faith's first haircut...which was totally unnecessary, but hopefully it will continue to make her hair grow in thicker and faster. Mama wants to do a braid already!

Many of you have asked about Howie...he had a pretty good summer too!

Unfortunately he's no longer the baby of the family and is having a hard time adjusting.

I celebrated my 5 year anniversary at UNMC and while we were at the awards dinner, babysitter Grammy Janny sent me this pic...I so wanted to rush home and cuddle them up, but the promise of a hot meal and a cold drink kept me from doing so!

Story time at the CB library. Faith acted like she was way too sophisticated for the teacher's shenanigans. (And I checked out books for the first time since college :)

For Father's Day we got Rob an Iowa State polo, a Cubs 'W' flag and some Reeces Pieces. Howie forgot to buy a card.
He truly is a wonderful (and artistic) dad. Something about this photo makes me weepy. It's just one of those "captured in time" moments of Daddy and Daughter playing outside together. 
Is there anything more fun than running through the sprinklers when you're a kid?
Sisterly love!

Bouncy castle birthday fun! Yes, that's Rob Lindquist in there.

She's 3!

Will we ever all be smiling at the same time? That remains to be seen!
Howie, snuggling up with Gabs on a lazy, weekday afternoon.

Faith, doing her lazy ,weekday morning thing.

They were also lots of naps, and sometimes a refusal to nap...I walked in to check on Faith one day and found this.
Wow, that was fast!
Celebrating Faith's actual 3rd birthday with what else, a vanilla ice cream cone!
Enjoying one of her birthday presents...
Awful, but rare picture of me with both girls!
Spending 4th of July with her buddy, Liam, for the 4th year in a row!

Faith got more than her fair share of candy at the Logan parade! She was majorly jealous that Cami got to ride a horse!
Celebrating my sister's bachelorette party!
I won for best bouquet...and about died of shock.

Faith's first "real" swimming lessons! (These don't count.) It didn't seem like they were making much progress, but Faith now lays on her back in the bathtub, puts her head underwater and then says, "My voice is gone!" since it's hard to hear yourself underwater. She even jumps in off the side now. #Progress!

Taking in a little Jazz on the Green when Gabby was just 7 weeks old.

She was so good on her first big outing, we decided to take her to the Iowa State Fair...more on that later!

And while Faith loves her sister, she isn't above a little sibling torture. Here she is smiling after piling the rings on top of Gabby's head. Gabby is not impressed and would really like to figure out how to use her hands.

 She wanted to include lil' sis in "I Wear My Sunglasses at Night" so here they are with them on upside down!
One of the major highlights of the summer -- Rachel's wedding day. She was a beautiful bride and the wedding and reception were so much fun...this mama even busted out her rusty dance moves. 
Congrats, sis!
Faith with her new husband, I mean, the ring bearer, Jack
Seriously, these kids love each other.

Meeting sweet baby Blake for the first time!

Gabby meets Charlie...our first road trip with Gabbers.
Practicing our swim lesson skills at Pirate's Cove...that's Faith on the right.
On nights when Rob had grad class, life was a little hectic, but I survived  and so did Faith and Gabby! Our house however, did not.

Read any good books lately?

Paging Dr. Faith!

Rob Lindquist on bass at Bagels and Joe in Lincoln. It was the first of hopefully more gigs to come.
Gabby meeting Henry, and holding hands already.

There were trips to the zoo.
and to the Children's Museum, where Faith took advantage of being one of the few kids there by hogging all the purple balls. I'm not surprised.
The one, the only: Darius Rucker! Thanks for the tix, Dad!

Darius Rucker concert with my aunt Kris! He played "Hold My Hand," "Let Her Cry" and "Only Wanna be with You." And yes, I cried when he played "It Won't Be Like This for Long."
This is Faith, wearing clothing on her legs. It was a big moment for our family, OK!
We got a little cocky toward the end of the summer and decided to drive the Iowa State Fair. Things started off shaky when Gabby wouldn't take her bottle upon arrival and I had to breastfeed in the car. It was also kinda hot, I stupidly wore flip flops and people were everywhere our strollers tried to go. All in all, it was a good time, a learning experience and a memorable way to close out our summer.

I can't believe she ate the whole thing!
Gabby pretty much did this most of the time, other than when she ate in the nursing room (which is a huge bonus to the fair). Soon afterwards, I caught her smiling at something and I didnt' know what it was. I followed her line of vision only to see this:
World's largest ceiling fan!
And last but certainly not least, here is the obligatory first day back to school photo.
I love Gabby's expression here...you're taking me where???
What an incredible summer!