Why do I let myself worry?!

Have you seen that commercial with the dog constantly worrying about his bone? Fido is so me and the bone is so Faith. I constantly worry about her. (Worry is starting to become one of those words that if you type too many times it starts to look funny...I digress...as usual).

Anyway, Faith marked her 7-month birthday on Monday with an appearance on KETV Channel 7 (yay)

and a 101.2 degree fever (boo).

still in good spirits despite a fever!
After taking her temp, daycare called and told me they needed to "exclude" her. By the time I arrived from work (I believe it was 48 seconds flat) her fever was down to 99, but I took her home anyway. The fever broke that afternoon, but she didn't return to her normal self until Saturday.

The pediatrician diagnosed her with eczema and thrush caused by antibiotics she's taking for her cough, but she couldn't say what caused the fever or what's causing us to lose sleep and therefore go insane Faith's fussiness (after diagnosis by search engine, I think it's thrush).

However, below are some of the things her mother, aka Crazy Lady the Second, thought she might have after making the mistake of using Mayo's evil Symptom Checker.

-an ear infection
-a skin infection
-Kawasaki disease (I wish I was kidding. Go ahead, look it up, it's real.)
-water in the ear
-teething (this might still be accurate)
-the list goes on and on, trust me

I think there's medication for this illness I call motherhood. It's called wine.

When I returned to work in September someone said to me, "now you'll get to take advantage of those sick days for your kids." At the time, I didn't think much of it. But now that Faith has truly been "sick" I can tell you with certainty that parents with ill children would much rather be working than home worrying their baby has motorcycle disease.

Teething night number five

Well, we think it's teething. And Thrush. And eczema. Yes, I could blog about all of those. Or, how Nic and I are coping with that, and our new-found ability to function on little sleep (her more so than me because I suck sometimes). But instead I thought I'd be creative.

And then I sat here watching a movie on TV (that I have on DVD). Isn't amazing what the human mind will do when tired? Instead of getting off my butt to put the DVD in (which is way better than the watered-down cable version) I am watching it from afar while trying to blog about being creative. And that's not my biggest FAIL tonight. (Yes, mom, if I say FAIL in all caps, it can be as correct as failure. Trust me, the kids have affectionately told me that sometimes I am a FAIL.)

So I Googled (I am good at tangents, so another one: FAIL and Googled are both terms that were not remotely thought of as coherent and usable words 15 years ago. And that makes me feel old. Now back to the regularly scheduled thought: ) "creative topics to blog about". Yes, that makes me lame.

"But, Mr. Lindquist... didn't you function on just a little sleep when Faith was only a few weeks old?"

No class, Faith was actually sleeping through the night by week two. Relatively speaking, she's been pretty good about sleep for a while now. Understand that Nicole has done a lot in the early mornings (and me on a smaller scale during the late nights) so Faith could sleep from 11pm to 4am; gradually to where we were before this week from 7:30pm to almost 6am. Add the day-naps, and Faith is good at sleep *tangent: Nicole fell asleep tonight (Friday) at 7:45pm.

I'm glad Faith's good nature is still shining through, even if she does get crabby. And to keep this post from going too negative: she has begun eating food off of a spoon this week. It's pretty awesome!

Here is a teaser pic of things to come

But, back to the focus of my post. Teething is tough, and we're on tooth one (and I think two is right next to it). If you could post any suggestions or home remedies for teething in the comments, we're all ears!


Products We Endorse

And now for a little segment I like to call "Things We Would Have Paid A LOT More Money For But Didn't." (just rolls right off the tongue doesn't it). Anyway, I'm hoping to make this a series.

Today's product: the "Baby Einstein Baby Take-Along Tunes Infant Toy." (there will be a quiz later). I've referred to said toy before as "baby crack" in this post of yore but this toy is so good it deserves its own post and the minutes of your life that are being eaten up right now because you're still reading.

Before I go any further, I must once again thank the A'Hearn family for purchasing it for Baby Faith when she was still literally kickin' it in my belly. Did I register for this amazing item? Oh no. That would've required some insight into its special powers. What are these special powers I speak of you ask? Well, I'd tell you a story of a specific time that it calmed Faith or kept her busy while I was frantically throwing a nasal aspirator into a diaper bag while putting on makeup and screaming at my spouse for misplacing my keys getting ready to leave the house, but there isn't one. That's right. This toy has worked EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

It works when we do an unwanted diaper change, force-feed medicine and wait for what seems like hours for a bottle to heat up. Get this. It even worked when Faith had her enema for her Intussusception. The techs and nurses were in awe. (Think those little minions from Toy Story when they see the claw type of awe). And a couple weeks ago when I was doing a media escort for this KETV story by the lovely Julie Cornell the researcher said to the little boy, "Should we get out your very favorite toy of all time?" and out came this guy:
Kid went gaga over it just like Faith does. Eyes glazed. Intent focus. It's almost creepy how well it works. What's my point? Glad you asked. Well, if you know someone with a baby who cries a lot (husbands don't count), a baby-to-be on the way or anyone who might come in contact with a baby at some point in their lifetime, you should buy this toy for them. For all you numbers people out there still not convinced, I'll go all Bob Barker on you.

Actual retail price: $8.99 (at my favorite store of all time, Target
Estimated worth: $899 (seriously, it makes babies stop crying, what more could you ask for?)
What we paid: $0 (mental note: send the A'Hearns a fruit basket or my second-born child)

If you'd like to be convinced first-hand, offer up those jr. high babysitting skills and Faith is yours for a few hours. It's just like a happy meal. She comes with a toy.
Pop quiz time: Without scrolling up, what's the full name of the toy?.................Bzzzzzzzzzzz. Wrong. You fail. Just call it baby crack.

The post is brought to you by the letter S

Solid Foods: I don't know what Faith has against them, but add bananas and pears to her "no thanks" list.
In an unrelated story, Rob is eating more fruit.

Sitting Study: My little guinea pig participated in a research study at UNMC's Munroe-Meyer Institute to test out the "Balance-o-Gram." Brad (who just loves having his picture taken) and others are testing the reliability of the balance o gram with children of typical development and those with cerebral palsy.

Speed Dating: Faith finally got to meet Gavin, my co-worker Jo's little guy. He is a couple months younger, but like her mom, Faith knows robbing the cradle is where it's at. Isn't his hair adorable?!

Snow Day: Because our daycare closes when Omaha Public Schools do, we are happy Council Bluffs schools close when OPS close. Photo of Dad and Faith rockin' out to Train circa 6:45 a.m. Monday.

Spectator: With her flexibility and clapping skills, Faith is quite the cheerleader for TJ. The Jackets lost a heartbreaker the other night despite their biggest little fan's sporty support.

Speaking: Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure this is mama. (Mom For the computer challenged, just click the word mama for a link to the video).

Happy half-birthday Faith! A reprise of 24 things.

Faith at her 6-month checkup
28 weeks. 6 months. Half. a. year! My baby is getting so big...14 pounds, 13 ounces to be exact. I cannot believe it. There are no words to describe how much I love that little girl. She is the first thing I think about it the morning (maybe because she usually wakes me up) the last thing I think about at night (gotta check to make sure she's breathing) and pretty much the only thing I think about in between (just ask my co-workers). So to celebrate the 6-month milestone, I thought I'd do a reprise of 24 things. This post is a collaboration. Rob is doing 13-24.

1) Favorite foods: none. You are not a fan of rice cereal or oatmeal or sweet potatoes. You sorta liked avocado and by liked I mean didn't make a face indicating it tasted as nasty as the other foods.
2) Preferred mode of transportation: rolling! You may be the first baby to roll across the United States.
3) Latest accomplishment: clapping and waving bye-bye.
4) Teeth: budding? I'm not sure; I'm afraid to stick my finger in there.
5) Sleeping: You are a sound sleeper like you dad for the most part, but lately you want to start the party at 4:30 a.m.
6) Sitting: You're a little pro. Can't wait for you to be in a sitting study at MMI!
7) Favorite toy: Your colored blocks from aunt Summer. They are my favorite too because they don't sing a song that gets stuck in my head like "Time to share a cup of tea, cup of tea, cup of tea" or "I'm a big and tall giraffe, standing up tall for all to see."
8) Unfortunately you've had a cough for more than a month now. Dr. Loucks prescribed some medicine, which of course you hate. Who knew you could get flavored medicine?
9) What makes you giggle: the standard peek a boo, neck kisses, your mom's lame rhymes, sneezing.
10) Nap status: Um, yeah. You prefer the cat kind.
11) Places you have been: basketball games (congratulations to Daddy on his first win), a bar (parent of the year right here), the vet (Howie recently had 6 teeth pulled), the ER (Intussusception) and Village Inn (where you sat in a highchair for the first time) to name a few.
12) Naughtiest thing you've done: ripped a page out of the hymnal at church.
-Dad starts here-
13) Most tragic thing to happen, that you're aware of? Dad "fake-dropped" you... when I swooped down low with you in my arms. At first you weren't sure, but then: tears.
14) You're 2nd favorite toy? Howie. You just realized he does what he wants. And when he wants to play with you, you're starting to play back.
15) In all reality, you still haven't been in snow. We keep you pretty bundled. We like it that way.
16) The little bit of hair you have does amazing things. It manages to get a bunch of static and yet stay straight and curly at the same time. Just think: your dad has a curly fro if it grows out long enough, maybe you too?
17) You love to type. In fact, you just wrote this sentence: mnk;lknnk.
18) You like cell phones, even though you won't have a usable one until you're 18. Heck, by then, they will be retro and probably completely useless, but you're still not getting one until 2028.
19) The car is still your best bet for getting a nap.
20) You love sports! (Yesssssssssss.) Well, at least watching all of the colors move.
21) There has not been one time that you've been upset and "Hey Soul Sister" sung (poorly) by your dad hasn't calmed you almost immediately. I owe Pat Monahan.
22) In reference to #4, you are teething. Drool and chomping on your fingers are my evidence.
23) You are loved very much by both parents, all families, and even random people in stores.
24) In case no one mentioned it, you're very cute. There are ugly babies out there (sorry, but it's true) and luckily you didn't get many of your dad's traits, so you are very cute.

Alarm Clock for Rent

 This one-of-a-kind, adorable alarm clock could be yours (for a night) for the right price.
Settings include: cooing, wailing, babbling, coughing, singing, crying, spitting and even louder wailing.
Sick of oversleeping because you were too tired to set your alarm the night before? This thing sets itself!
Still not convinced? What if I told you you'd never be late for work again with this handy 14 pound, 13 ounce alarm clock? Even when the electricity goes out. Even if you don't have to work because it's Saturday. You will NOT be late. (But then again you might be).
Full disclosure: It has been known to malfunction and sporadically sound off at 2, 3 or 4 in the morning. Doesn't come with a snooze button.
*Product made by Lindquist

So... do I hear $50?

Won't You Stand Up (stand up stand up) and Use Your Voice?

If you're a Harrison county hick country music fan, you probably recognize the title of this post as a Sugarland song lyric. It got me to thinking about "standing up" for things and how I'm usually too afraid to do it because a) I might offend someone or b) it could result in an awkward moment (doncha just hate those).

So as I was driving to work the other day I asked myself the question: what am I so passionate about that I would "stand up" and use my voice. The answer came quickly...

No, not frogs. Being green. Ever since I met a former co-worker from Oregon (hi Jessi), my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of recycling. The city of Council Bluffs makes it easy, providing two tubs free of charge to each household, collecting cardboard/ paper products and glass one week and plastics and metals the next.

For those of you who think, "I really don't use a lot of those products," I ask you, "Really? Are ya sure?" Here's what our household bin (and surrounding area) looks like after less than two weeks of collecting paper products.

Now imagine all that going to the landfill instead. Sad huh? Imagine if everyone on my block sent the same amount to the landfill. Downright depressing!

This is the part where I "stand up and use my voice." Please consider recycling if you don't already. Even a small amount saved from the trash can is worth it. Random fact: Did you know recycling a SINGLE aluminum saves enough energy to power a TV for 4 hours?! Crazy huh!

I don't need to tell you that one person really can make a difference. Just take another look at the picture above.

It's really not as hard to be green as Kermit previously thought. Most cities have free recycling programs and offer curbside pickup on the same day as trash pickup. It's just a matter of getting a bin and getting started.
Here are some resources:
(For those of you in apartments, there's a list of drop-off sites included).
Council Bluffs
Des Moines

I'll get off my soapbox now...and probably recycle it!

Minute to Win It New Year's Par-tay

When I told a certain someone (that's right I'm calling you out Aunt Ramey) that Rob and I would be staying in this New Year's Eve since we didn't have a babysitter (we didn't even ask anyone by the way) she responded "that's why I'm never having children...they ruin everything." And while I'm sure she was kidding (at least I hope so) it got me to thinking that some people probably do think parents of young children are missing out by not going out. Trust me, we're not. I thoroughly enjoyed not having to navigate the less than ideal roads and arrange for a sober Sally to drive me home. Don't get me wrong. I like to have a good time as much as the next gal, but trust me when I say I've had plenty of good times on New Year's Eve.

There was the New Year's Eve with the Nadas at Horseshoe to ring in 07...

If you need more information, ask someone who remembers this night.
Then there was New Year's Eve of 08 with Luke, Summer and the Pat O Show

Yes, I like my Miller Lite.
And we can't forget the 09'er flippy cup/Guitar Hero extravaganza at the Hartz household in CR.

I believe I was shakin' my groove thing to Single Ladies right here.
Last year I was pregnant and ate fondue in my sweatpants. You can understand why there are no pictures. But back to the present or twenty-eleven as all the cool kids are calling it. Here is how New Year's Eve went down in the Lindquist household.

The spread minus the meatballs and  mini chicken tacos from Trader Joe's
Faith on our new rug waiting for her boyfriend to arrive
Our security dog asleep on the job
He's heeere! Hi Liam, how are you? Good good. Hand check!   
The M&M "minute to win it" contest...let's just say Jeremy really "sucks" at this.

Husband and wife face off.
The tissue "minute to win it" ...don't worry, all those tissues aren't going to waste but to Rob's classroom.
Rob blows at this game....I crack myself up.
Brynn was bound and determined...
to do this...I'm really resisting the urge to make a joke about balls here.
Happy New Year!
The guy I kissed at midnight
Faith Lindquist celebrates 2011 the next morning.
Another happy baby picture sans Rob's distracting white upper thigh.
 You went back and looked didn't you. It's OK, he's all mine ladies. Happy New Year! Here's to proof New Year's Eve in with a babe doesn't have to suck or blow :)