Why do I let myself worry?!

Have you seen that commercial with the dog constantly worrying about his bone? Fido is so me and the bone is so Faith. I constantly worry about her. (Worry is starting to become one of those words that if you type too many times it starts to look funny...I digress...as usual).

Anyway, Faith marked her 7-month birthday on Monday with an appearance on KETV Channel 7 (yay)

and a 101.2 degree fever (boo).

still in good spirits despite a fever!
After taking her temp, daycare called and told me they needed to "exclude" her. By the time I arrived from work (I believe it was 48 seconds flat) her fever was down to 99, but I took her home anyway. The fever broke that afternoon, but she didn't return to her normal self until Saturday.

The pediatrician diagnosed her with eczema and thrush caused by antibiotics she's taking for her cough, but she couldn't say what caused the fever or what's causing us to lose sleep and therefore go insane Faith's fussiness (after diagnosis by search engine, I think it's thrush).

However, below are some of the things her mother, aka Crazy Lady the Second, thought she might have after making the mistake of using Mayo's evil Symptom Checker.

-an ear infection
-a skin infection
-Kawasaki disease (I wish I was kidding. Go ahead, look it up, it's real.)
-water in the ear
-teething (this might still be accurate)
-the list goes on and on, trust me

I think there's medication for this illness I call motherhood. It's called wine.

When I returned to work in September someone said to me, "now you'll get to take advantage of those sick days for your kids." At the time, I didn't think much of it. But now that Faith has truly been "sick" I can tell you with certainty that parents with ill children would much rather be working than home worrying their baby has motorcycle disease.

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