Teething night number five

Well, we think it's teething. And Thrush. And eczema. Yes, I could blog about all of those. Or, how Nic and I are coping with that, and our new-found ability to function on little sleep (her more so than me because I suck sometimes). But instead I thought I'd be creative.

And then I sat here watching a movie on TV (that I have on DVD). Isn't amazing what the human mind will do when tired? Instead of getting off my butt to put the DVD in (which is way better than the watered-down cable version) I am watching it from afar while trying to blog about being creative. And that's not my biggest FAIL tonight. (Yes, mom, if I say FAIL in all caps, it can be as correct as failure. Trust me, the kids have affectionately told me that sometimes I am a FAIL.)

So I Googled (I am good at tangents, so another one: FAIL and Googled are both terms that were not remotely thought of as coherent and usable words 15 years ago. And that makes me feel old. Now back to the regularly scheduled thought: ) "creative topics to blog about". Yes, that makes me lame.

"But, Mr. Lindquist... didn't you function on just a little sleep when Faith was only a few weeks old?"

No class, Faith was actually sleeping through the night by week two. Relatively speaking, she's been pretty good about sleep for a while now. Understand that Nicole has done a lot in the early mornings (and me on a smaller scale during the late nights) so Faith could sleep from 11pm to 4am; gradually to where we were before this week from 7:30pm to almost 6am. Add the day-naps, and Faith is good at sleep *tangent: Nicole fell asleep tonight (Friday) at 7:45pm.

I'm glad Faith's good nature is still shining through, even if she does get crabby. And to keep this post from going too negative: she has begun eating food off of a spoon this week. It's pretty awesome!

Here is a teaser pic of things to come

But, back to the focus of my post. Teething is tough, and we're on tooth one (and I think two is right next to it). If you could post any suggestions or home remedies for teething in the comments, we're all ears!


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