Just Keep Swimming

Little Swimmers: $11.99

YMCA non-member swimming lessons for Shrimps: $52 (don't judge me),

Putting on a swimsuit for the first time since pre-pregnancy: looking at my white legs in the mirror just cost me my vision, but surprisingly it wasn't as painful as I presumed...probably because it was a black one piece.

Watching my little girl experience the pool for the first time: pretty dang priceless!

We got off to a great start...

The brochure said 80 degrees....liars!
Once my little fish shrimp warmed up to the water, all was well.

Can I go off the diving board yet, Dad?
And because the term "lesson" can be used very loosely to describe what went on from 6:35-7:05, Rob wanted to dunk Faith within the first 5 minutes.


And because it had to happen sometime...

The dunk.

(I warn you she coughs at the end so please withhold your phone calls and e-mails, I feel bad enough).

So there you have it...Faith's first swim lesson. Tune in next week to see Whitelegs McGee enter the water...yeah, maybe we'll leave the camera at home.

Who Says Babies Don't Come with Instructions?

Come closer. I need to whisper. If Faith hears that she has a routine, she'll freak out. Or maybe it's the baby gods...they love it when parents proclaim things out loud so they can make them look dumb. "I swear she can wave bye-bye"...(2 solid minutes of standing there waiting for her to do it go by)..."No really, she just did it." Sound familiar? Thought so. Let's keep this post on the DL.

Faith's (dare I type it) routine consists of rising and shining anytime between 5:45 to 6:15 a.m. When she knows it's the weekend, she wakes up extra early. Just when we decide she's more consistent then an alarm clock, she sleeps til 6:45 and we're late for work.

No, Howie doesn't sleep in Faith's crib. Shot posed for effect, duh!
After a bottle, it's time to corral her while Rob and I get ready. I prefer this high-tech, fool-proof contraption since she's bored with the more expensive, safe baby-stay-put devices.

You cannot stop her. You can only hope to contain her.
We depart for daycare at 7:40 a.m. on a good day. On a bad day? Let's not go there. My boss could read this post.

Does the song "pretty fly for a white guy" come to anyone else's mind?

Then there's daycare. Bless their baby-loving hearts. They feed Faith breakfast and lunch, change her "BM"s (oh yeah, they are still plural daily), try to get that sweet child o' mine to nap for more than 30 minutes and teach her how to make monkey noises. I'm sure those are important for development at some point.

Rob picks Faith up between 3:30 and 4 o'clock and spends some quality daddy-daughter time rockin' out until I get home.

upside down face!!
6 p.m. and dinner is served.

Finger foods are my new BFF!
After din din, It's time for a splash bath. The girl is a going to get us in trouble at swimming lessons. So excited to meet the other Shrimps April 19th. Let's hope Mr. Lindquist isn't in charge of combing her hair when she gets out of the water...

Plotting her revenge and laughing about it.
At about 7:15, we both hit the bottle. Just kidding, Faith pounds a 7-ouncer, her last of four for the day, before we head upstairs for a book and bedtime.

Virtual hugs from Faith.

The Lindquist version of GTL

Gym: I can't figure out why no one at the fitness center wants to run by me on the treadmill. Is it my elephant-like elegance, my labor-like breathing techniques, the fact that I sing along to the country love ballads on my Ipod or that I ate a fiber bar right beforehand?

Tan: Rob went and got hisself a farmer's version, complete with glove lines, after our softball practice on Sunday. I seen it. It's hott. (I must note I wrote the incorrect grammar on purpose).

Laundry: We put Faith in charge of this.

Good thing our little maid only charges in Gerber puffs cause she always leaves the house messier than she found it and she can't match a sock to save her soul.

And yes, for those of you wondering, that pile of clothes is still sitting in the basket, unfolded and now probably wrinklier than this guy:

Happy Laundry Day!