Future Occupations of a 15 Month Old

Most 15 year olds don't know what they want to do for a living when they grow up but I'm pretty sure I've got my 15  MONTH old's top occupations narrowed down to the following list. What can I say? Her gift in these fields are evident at an early age.

Competitive Eater
The girl is insatiable. This morning she ate a full banana, two muffins, a strip of bacon and a sippy cup of milk. The other night, I served her a plate of cut up chicken, rice and steamed veggies. I then filled my plate. When I got to the table hers was gone, and not the "it's-sitting-in-your-lap gone." Legit gone. She outeats her 4-year-old sister on a regular basis. You may find this alarming. Rob and I find it awesome!

Critic - film, food, fashion, it doesn't matter
When you have a disapproving look this good, you best utilize it.

Yes Woman
If you haven't seen the "yeah" video, do take 15 seconds to hear the answer to every question we ask.

Bird Watcher
The excitement for each an every bird that crosses her path is unreal. Someone needs to take this kid skeet shooting. She's quite the spotter.


Pilot/Air Traffic Control
See that plane way off in the distance? The one you can't hear, but can only make out if you squint and shade your eyes from the sun? Gabby saw it five minutes ago. And then waved at the passengers.


When I come home from work, it's a tie for who's more excited - Howie or Gabby, and if you've ever met our dog or been greeted by him at the front door, that's saying something. She sticks her arm straight out, and waves frantically as if I'm not already looking for her. Bug eyes and all. I think patrons of any restaurant or business where she worked would enjoy this nice touch that always makes me feel like a million bucks.

Mother Daughter Trapeeze Team
If for some reason the Stage 5 Clinger thing doesn't resolve itself by the time she's of working age, we could always take a variety trapeze act on the road as a fall back plan. I know that Gabby would never let go of me.

Last but not least, Hair Over the Eye Model 
(This one is pretty self explanatory.)

So there you have it. Eight jobs my one-year-old would be qualified for today. I'm sure I'm not the only one whose kid could be put to work, so do tell. What job or jobs would you minor qualify for if it weren't for those pesky child labor laws? Maybe a budding chef? Negotiator? (That's my four-year-old!) Demolition man?