24 weeks

This is taking a while :) I don't know what it is, or why, but I'm becoming impatient. I know it might be the winter blues (still - sick of winter), but I'm ready to see baby already. We're 24 weeks in, and I've found myself saying "our" due date and "we're" pregnant. My thought is that I'm not the one carrying the baby, so I'm not pregnant - yet I still find myself doing that. I fondly remember telling myself I wouldn't throw myself into the stack of cheesy men who say stuff like I'm the one going through all of the pain and struggling, when in reality I'm just an on-looker. Oh well. Today (2/27) we will be working on the walls of the baby room. We will be putting up "words for walls" and it should look nice.

Oooh, as a reminder: we are having a garage sale in April, so save up your dimes and buy some of the stuff we don't want!

Nicole at 23 weeks:


Once Upon a Child doing step aerobics!

Allow me to explain the title of this blog.

My friend and neighbor, the lovely Mrs. Carrie Wilcoxen, introduced me to Once Upon a Child located in Omaha yesterday. At first it was overwhelming, but as I started thumbing through the racks I realized it was my new favorite store! They carry gently used name brand baby clothes, shoes, toys, swimsuits, etc. I wasn't planning on buying any clothes until after the baby shower but I couldn't resist. It's so fun to buy things for baby L! Most of the outfits I bought were less than $2! I didn't realize just how great of a deal that was until I stopped into Baby Gap later that day and saw one little shirt that costs $24! Anyway, here's a pic of all the goods I got. In total, 9 onesies/sleepers/outfits for $25 plus tax. And once baby grows out of them, I can take them back (as long as they're still in good shape) and get store credit to buy more goods! Life is good :)

And now for the second part of the post.
Baby L finally kicked the other day! I think she probably kicked before I knew what a kick felt like, but now I can definitely feel her lil legs movin. It's ever so slight, but you have to remember she only weighs a pound. I can't wait for Rob to feel them too! Happy 23 weeks :)

Baby Girl Thoughts

Yes, it's been almost a week since we found out boy or girl. And yes, we have both shared our feelings about it (we are both very excited by the way). But Monday night I had the real realizations and questions. Like: What will she look like? How will I afford the early years? How will I afford college, marriage, prom? What about school? How will I worry about friends (both boys and girls)? Will she be a brat? Will I care about that? Am I going to be a dad she can trust, listen to, talk to? Will she have me wrapped around her finger? to a fault? I grew up around women and I know about stuff that happens, but how will I handle it? Is it appropriate for me to push the Cubs and Cyclones on her? Is it fair for her? Am I already choosing the music she listens to subconsciously?

Is too much pink really a bad thing? I know I shouldn't be worried about half of this right now, but it's hard not too. My lovely and wonderful wife will attest that I am somewhat anal when it comes to some stuff - and it turns out my new daughter is one. (Is she going to like me for that?)


It's a Girl!

momma's turn: so today was probably the greatest day of my life other than my wedding day (i'm not just saying that...our wedding day was pretty amazing in my humble opinion). anyway, for the first time, we got to see an up close and personal look at our baby girl! she is such a mover! i like to think she's dancin in there...hopefully she won't inherit her dad's moves :) if you read rob's post, you saw how she told us it was a girl. it took at least 10 seconds for it to sink in because i had thought all along it was a boy (so much for mother's intuition). i definitely had tears in my eyes and said 'i can't believe i was wrong' about 10 times. (guess i'm just not used to it ;) i have no regrets about finding out as i feel a real bond with my daughter - let me say that again - my DAUGHTER now. doctor tomich said she looks like a lefty and that made me smile from ear to ear. i would love it if the lefty tradition in my family carried on another generation. i was so nervous and anxious going into today and now i couldn't feel more at ease. from what they can tell, baby girl is healthy and measuring right on schedule with weight (a whole 13 ounces)and all the zillion other measurements they took. we have a strip of pictures of baby in all different positions and i could just stare at them all day! 19 more weeks and our little one will be here! we can't wait and i'm so excited to see daddy with daughter! yay pink!

Score one for the pink team!

So, it's a girl! We found out today that the bun that's been cookin' is officially a little Nicole. We do have a name picked out, but we are keeping that a secret.

So the story! When we got to the doctor, I asked the ultrasound tech if she had a goofy or fun way of telling people if it's a boy or a girl. She said no, not really, but said that part was towards the end of the scanning. So I had been sporadically tearing up, and (because I was standing by Nicole's feet) rubbing her feet, and just watching this amazing process, when the tech got a little more quiet than normal. Don't get me wrong, she was still typing away, but I had a fear something bad was happening. As I stared at the screen, she took a picture and typed "I" then "R" then "L", and finally, "G" at the front. It took about two seconds, and Nicole was crying and saying how she was wrong. My words were, "I suppose I can forgive you for being wrong." I'm a dork. We were both very happy and surprised, and it was a great feeling. The tech later said that sometimes the "G" key sticks. HA! I thought it worked well.

Rob H. and I have already decided on what sports equipment we have for girls, and I heard that Vince is a good coach, so we'll see where this leads.

Anyway, I am a very excited and happy father-to-be of a little girl. This has been, and will be, a great experience and I am looking so forward to it.

Oh, and Nicole said I can post one picture for the blog:

~Happy Dad-to-be