It's a Girl!

momma's turn: so today was probably the greatest day of my life other than my wedding day (i'm not just saying that...our wedding day was pretty amazing in my humble opinion). anyway, for the first time, we got to see an up close and personal look at our baby girl! she is such a mover! i like to think she's dancin in there...hopefully she won't inherit her dad's moves :) if you read rob's post, you saw how she told us it was a girl. it took at least 10 seconds for it to sink in because i had thought all along it was a boy (so much for mother's intuition). i definitely had tears in my eyes and said 'i can't believe i was wrong' about 10 times. (guess i'm just not used to it ;) i have no regrets about finding out as i feel a real bond with my daughter - let me say that again - my DAUGHTER now. doctor tomich said she looks like a lefty and that made me smile from ear to ear. i would love it if the lefty tradition in my family carried on another generation. i was so nervous and anxious going into today and now i couldn't feel more at ease. from what they can tell, baby girl is healthy and measuring right on schedule with weight (a whole 13 ounces)and all the zillion other measurements they took. we have a strip of pictures of baby in all different positions and i could just stare at them all day! 19 more weeks and our little one will be here! we can't wait and i'm so excited to see daddy with daughter! yay pink!

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  1. Congrats guys! I am so excited for the 2 of you! And another lefty! ;) I know Rob can appreciate this...Brett's dad taught him to bat left handed when he was a kid because "what are the odds you'll face a left handed pitcher?" So, I guess being a lefty has some advantages!