Once Upon a Child doing step aerobics!

Allow me to explain the title of this blog.

My friend and neighbor, the lovely Mrs. Carrie Wilcoxen, introduced me to Once Upon a Child located in Omaha yesterday. At first it was overwhelming, but as I started thumbing through the racks I realized it was my new favorite store! They carry gently used name brand baby clothes, shoes, toys, swimsuits, etc. I wasn't planning on buying any clothes until after the baby shower but I couldn't resist. It's so fun to buy things for baby L! Most of the outfits I bought were less than $2! I didn't realize just how great of a deal that was until I stopped into Baby Gap later that day and saw one little shirt that costs $24! Anyway, here's a pic of all the goods I got. In total, 9 onesies/sleepers/outfits for $25 plus tax. And once baby grows out of them, I can take them back (as long as they're still in good shape) and get store credit to buy more goods! Life is good :)

And now for the second part of the post.
Baby L finally kicked the other day! I think she probably kicked before I knew what a kick felt like, but now I can definitely feel her lil legs movin. It's ever so slight, but you have to remember she only weighs a pound. I can't wait for Rob to feel them too! Happy 23 weeks :)

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  1. Once Upon a Child is my favorite store, too! There's one very close to our house!

    Aren't the kicks great! Just wait until she starts to kick during a meeting and it totally distracts you...trust me it will happen.

    Congrats to you guys!