Baby Girl Thoughts

Yes, it's been almost a week since we found out boy or girl. And yes, we have both shared our feelings about it (we are both very excited by the way). But Monday night I had the real realizations and questions. Like: What will she look like? How will I afford the early years? How will I afford college, marriage, prom? What about school? How will I worry about friends (both boys and girls)? Will she be a brat? Will I care about that? Am I going to be a dad she can trust, listen to, talk to? Will she have me wrapped around her finger? to a fault? I grew up around women and I know about stuff that happens, but how will I handle it? Is it appropriate for me to push the Cubs and Cyclones on her? Is it fair for her? Am I already choosing the music she listens to subconsciously?

Is too much pink really a bad thing? I know I shouldn't be worried about half of this right now, but it's hard not too. My lovely and wonderful wife will attest that I am somewhat anal when it comes to some stuff - and it turns out my new daughter is one. (Is she going to like me for that?)



  1. Hey Rob and Nicole,


    Don't worry about any of that will get to it when the time comes. You'll do fine.

    You are the first classmates from ISU I know who are having a baby, (many of my high school friends have children about your age!) I

    Anyway, it's fun watching your posts on FB and reading your two have a lot to offer your child - so just go with the flow...

    BTW, NO, I don't have any children, but my cats are my kids. Here is their blog:

  2. Thanks Gary! Go-with-the-flow is my middle name (okay not really, but ya know). Thanks for the link too, you're cats have it made :)