House Update: Kids/Guest Bathroom

When deciding how to decorate our upstairs bathroom, I knew I wanted it to be kid-friendly since it is Faith's/Gabby's main bathroom, yet not make adults feel like they were three years old. Therefore, no Nemos, dolphins or any other fish that are usually reserved for bathrooms. And that my friends, is how my bathroom came to revolve around a $40 shower curtain.

It's Kate Spade in case you're wondering and I'm in love with it. (I've never said that about a shower curtain before and it's quite liberating!) I ordered some "words for walls" from Uppercase living, Rob installed them very carefully and splish, splash, Faith was taking a bath.

Howie T. Dog on supervision duty!
World's Greatest Mom (mine) painted the room (and deserves a  blog post all her own about how truly great she is) and I brought in the colors from the curtain with other accents in the room. The soap dispenser is from Target, the hand towels from BBB (we also have some plum ones) and the candle is a Scentsy. (Awakening smells amazing!) The faucet extender is from Amazon and an idea I stole from Mrs. Hartz. (hi, Nik!)

This bathroom also has an inordinate amount of spray-painted items for such a small space. I spray painted the "Bath" sign I got from Hobby Lobby to match the shower curtain. Rob spray-painted the frames (also from HL) with my signs I bought from Etsy and I even spray painted the trash can (after putting rubber bands around it). Don't look to closely. Our spray-paint jobs are far from perfect, but they turned out OK if you don't have 20/20 vision.

Now all that's left to do is buy a clock (we'll need to know how much time Faith spends primping in there in a couple years) and get a big canvas picture of both girlies in the tub to hang over these robes:

Right now, Miss Gabby is still taking baths in the sink. And she's quite pleased she doesn't have to share a bathroom just yet!

p.s. she smiles now. it's just hard to capture on camera!!


  1. Love this - especially the trash can and the brush your teeth sign!
    -Beth Harwood

  2. I was going to tell you when we were there that I loved your shower curtain!! It's the cutest girls bathroom ever!! I have to figure out how to do a fun unisex bathroom.

  3. I love that bathroom! I just moved to Omaha and have been lucky to meet up with a few Omaha bloggers. I'm getting a group together to meet next Sunday (the 18th) downtown for lunch. Would you be interested?

  4. Thanks, everyone! Erin, I would love to get together, but we have our family bowling tourney that day. Let me know the next time you meet up :)