The Many Faces of Gabby Grace

Isn't it crazy how many facial expressions a newborn can make? Gabby Grace included. Though I haven't received a full on social smile from her yet, (just gassy/full of milk ones in her sleep and an almost-but-not-quite one when she's awake) she still has her share of ways she communicates through her "looks." See if you can tell what she's trying to say in the following photos, which I should note, most of these were taken within a few minute span one day.

"Dude, ceiling fan, ceiling fan, ceiling fan!"

"Life on the outside ain't so bad!"

"Heh. I'm naked under here."

"Did someone say bath? Nooooo!"

"Ugh. I only got 16 hours of sleep yesterday!"

"Ahh, so this is the infamous milk coma!"

And last but not least, "Here comes the boobie!" - courtesy of Ericka Lang, who won my caption contest on Facebook.

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