Time Out

Faith: Mommy, you in time out!

Mommy: Wha--why? What did I do?

Faith: You...you bite some people......you bite daddy.

Mommy (laughing, but taking my seat by the door): Wait, what? I did not.

Daddy: Faith, can mommy come out of timeout? I need her to help me in the kitchen.

Faith: NO!

Mommy: Mommy kinda likes timeout.

A Resolution Update

Since 2012 is halfway over (4.5 months til Christmas, people!) it's time to update y'all on my resolutions. If you remember, my goal was to make my resolutions measurable, so I can say for certain if I accomplished them or not. Unfortunately, I already know there are going to be a few "nots," but I do have a few "checks" to report already. See below.

1. Graduate with my master's degree.
Um, not gonna happen. The process is taking more time than I thought and to be honest I've lost my motivation. Maybe it's under the couch. New goal: Spring 2013!

2. Run 12 races.
You may have seen my Groundhogs Love Diamonds post documenting races for the first three months. Since then, we've (oh yeah, Rob got roped into this one) done the Novartis 10K where we both recorded personal bests:

 the Mud, Sweat and Beer 7K trail run (hardest and hottest race to date):

 the infamous Dam to Dam

 the Color Run, before and after:

 The Glow Run is scheduled for Aug. 18 and after that we don't have anything set in stone. I'm thinking the Corporate Cup in Omaha for September, but Oct., Nov. and Dec. are wide open.

3. Have one date night and one girls night per month.
Our races have kind of been like dates if that counts and my girls' nights always seem to involve my littlest girl. I'm recommitting to this one.

4. Wean Faith off her pacifier. 
Oh, we did this...and then "reversed the herse" as my high school math teacher used to say, about 3 weeks later. Pretty weak move by us, but we're prepared to do it again before the year is over.

5. Potty train Faith
This one is going surprisingly well.

6. Start a blog at work and another local blog.
Done (work) and Done (Council Bluffs blog). SO especially PROUD of this one.

7. Write one chapter of the book I've always said I would write.
I may be working on this one on New Year's Eve, but still planning on it.

8. Read my camera manual and do at least one photoshoot of Faith that is decent enough to post publicly.

Not done yet, but inspired to do so. This may have to become part of #10.

9. Brush Howie's teeth 3-4 times a week.
This hasn't worked out so well...I sort of pushed it off on Rob. He didn't go to dental school for a reason and thus Howie wound up with a loose tooth that the vet had to pull. I'm readjusting this one to 1-2 times a week as one of my favorite quotes is "When all else fails, lower your standards."

10. Read 12 books of my choosing. 
So far so good!
Life of Pi. It's a slow start but a good read I would recommend.
Hunger Games series
Seriously, I'm kidding by Ellen Degeneres.
Bossypants by Tina Fey
Getting Warmer - sounds like an erotic novel, but I assure you, it is not...by Carol Snow
What Came First also by Carol Snow
The Happiness Project - chugging along on this one. I like it.
Up next: Jennifer Weiner's "The Next Best Thing" and Emily Giffin's "Where We Belong"

11. Send no belated cards!
Shit! Unless I get a brain transplant, this ain't happening. Sidenote: Chad and Ericka, you're Aug. 4 anniversary card is (fingers crossed) in the mail.

12. Do at least 5 things I've pinned on Pinterest.
Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.
See the original pin followed by my version.

Link to the tutorial.

My version looked the same except with marshmallows instead of bananas.

And to keep it honest, a big fat #FAIL!

Canvas sticker painting lyrics
my failed anniversary present
However, Rob was able to use the frame of the canvas to make a chalkboard frame in our kitchen, so good things can come to those who screw up. Exhibit A:

My mom kinda did this one for me, but I picked out and purchased the fabrics...oh that doesn't count? OK, fine.
One more.

The end!