That's What She Said - Gabby Edition

A compilation of the things Gabby has said that made us laugh out loud recently, in addition to her penchant for knock knock jokes, talking incessantly talking about her friend Decker, saying "I tooted," and making up stories about her imaginary friends PACA and CHACA.

(After taking her first bite of Chinese food)
"Ohhhhhhhhh, that was yum."

(We had taken off her shirt and pants after a milk spill at dinner. A few minutes later, while still sitting at the table...)
"The good news is I'm naked. The bad news is I have panties on."

(Gabby, after a 30 second coughing fit.)
"My goodness!"

(Rob and I have a tendency to present things as good news/bad news as you can see)
Gabby: "Wanna hear some sad news?"
Me: (Concerned) "What?"
Gabby: (Frowning) "I can't eat brownies."
Me: "Why not?"
Gabby: "Cause I have a canker sore."
(Faith had one the week before. Odd that they're apparently contagious.)

(Driving by some stores on the way home right before naptime, with a deliriously tired child)
Gabby: (eyes half open) "I only like stores with things in them."

Me: (Looking at her bandaged hand) "Gabby, does your finger still hurt?"
Gabby: (Stops what she's doing to look at her hand) "OUCH!!!!!"

(We were talking about "crushes" at dinner one night.)
Gabby: "What's a crush?"
Me: "It's when you like somebody."
Gabby: (thinks for a second) "I have a crush on mom."

Heart melted. Man I love that girl!