24 weeks

This is taking a while :) I don't know what it is, or why, but I'm becoming impatient. I know it might be the winter blues (still - sick of winter), but I'm ready to see baby already. We're 24 weeks in, and I've found myself saying "our" due date and "we're" pregnant. My thought is that I'm not the one carrying the baby, so I'm not pregnant - yet I still find myself doing that. I fondly remember telling myself I wouldn't throw myself into the stack of cheesy men who say stuff like I'm the one going through all of the pain and struggling, when in reality I'm just an on-looker. Oh well. Today (2/27) we will be working on the walls of the baby room. We will be putting up "words for walls" and it should look nice.

Oooh, as a reminder: we are having a garage sale in April, so save up your dimes and buy some of the stuff we don't want!

Nicole at 23 weeks:


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