Happy half-birthday Faith! A reprise of 24 things.

Faith at her 6-month checkup
28 weeks. 6 months. Half. a. year! My baby is getting so big...14 pounds, 13 ounces to be exact. I cannot believe it. There are no words to describe how much I love that little girl. She is the first thing I think about it the morning (maybe because she usually wakes me up) the last thing I think about at night (gotta check to make sure she's breathing) and pretty much the only thing I think about in between (just ask my co-workers). So to celebrate the 6-month milestone, I thought I'd do a reprise of 24 things. This post is a collaboration. Rob is doing 13-24.

1) Favorite foods: none. You are not a fan of rice cereal or oatmeal or sweet potatoes. You sorta liked avocado and by liked I mean didn't make a face indicating it tasted as nasty as the other foods.
2) Preferred mode of transportation: rolling! You may be the first baby to roll across the United States.
3) Latest accomplishment: clapping and waving bye-bye.
4) Teeth: budding? I'm not sure; I'm afraid to stick my finger in there.
5) Sleeping: You are a sound sleeper like you dad for the most part, but lately you want to start the party at 4:30 a.m.
6) Sitting: You're a little pro. Can't wait for you to be in a sitting study at MMI!
7) Favorite toy: Your colored blocks from aunt Summer. They are my favorite too because they don't sing a song that gets stuck in my head like "Time to share a cup of tea, cup of tea, cup of tea" or "I'm a big and tall giraffe, standing up tall for all to see."
8) Unfortunately you've had a cough for more than a month now. Dr. Loucks prescribed some medicine, which of course you hate. Who knew you could get flavored medicine?
9) What makes you giggle: the standard peek a boo, neck kisses, your mom's lame rhymes, sneezing.
10) Nap status: Um, yeah. You prefer the cat kind.
11) Places you have been: basketball games (congratulations to Daddy on his first win), a bar (parent of the year right here), the vet (Howie recently had 6 teeth pulled), the ER (Intussusception) and Village Inn (where you sat in a highchair for the first time) to name a few.
12) Naughtiest thing you've done: ripped a page out of the hymnal at church.
-Dad starts here-
13) Most tragic thing to happen, that you're aware of? Dad "fake-dropped" you... when I swooped down low with you in my arms. At first you weren't sure, but then: tears.
14) You're 2nd favorite toy? Howie. You just realized he does what he wants. And when he wants to play with you, you're starting to play back.
15) In all reality, you still haven't been in snow. We keep you pretty bundled. We like it that way.
16) The little bit of hair you have does amazing things. It manages to get a bunch of static and yet stay straight and curly at the same time. Just think: your dad has a curly fro if it grows out long enough, maybe you too?
17) You love to type. In fact, you just wrote this sentence: mnk;lknnk.
18) You like cell phones, even though you won't have a usable one until you're 18. Heck, by then, they will be retro and probably completely useless, but you're still not getting one until 2028.
19) The car is still your best bet for getting a nap.
20) You love sports! (Yesssssssssss.) Well, at least watching all of the colors move.
21) There has not been one time that you've been upset and "Hey Soul Sister" sung (poorly) by your dad hasn't calmed you almost immediately. I owe Pat Monahan.
22) In reference to #4, you are teething. Drool and chomping on your fingers are my evidence.
23) You are loved very much by both parents, all families, and even random people in stores.
24) In case no one mentioned it, you're very cute. There are ugly babies out there (sorry, but it's true) and luckily you didn't get many of your dad's traits, so you are very cute.

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