Happy three-month birthday Faith!

To Faith,
Happy 3-month birthday baby girl! For the special occasion, Auntie Rachel and you have a photoshoot date at the pumpkin patch. And since you were born on the 24th, mommy has thought of 24 special things that make you uniquely you. I realize some of these could apply to a lot of 3 month olds, but the way you do them makes you Faith. I love you so much! Here goes:

1. We had a good run with bath time, but for some reason you hate it now.
2. You move your lips like you have a pacy in your mouth when you sleep.
3. All of your smiles are so genuine and come through your big blue eyes.
4. You have your daddy's nose and profile.
5. What a good sleeper! You typically sleep from 10 ish to 5 to 6 ish. Thank you.
6. You're just learning to make spit bubbles.
7. The time you cry the most is when you're tired. Fussy time is usually in the evenings.
8. You accept every single pacifier you're given except the 20 soothies we registered for.
9. The light toy from the A'Hearns is your "baby crack" as daddy says. It can calm you down no matter what.
10. Howie loves licking your hands and you don't seem to mind at all.
11. Your hair is falling out on the sides, not the back, but you still have some curls on the top of your head and at the base of your neck.
12. You are most smiley first thing in the morning...just like mom.
13. You are such a squirmer on the changing table, but daddy has proclaimed himself a diaper champ.
14. I think you'll be quite the dancer. You typically do the jig all the way to daycare.
15. You're up to eating about 6 ounces at a time now.
16. You think you're pretty big stuff in the Bumbo.
17. You are adored by your grandparents!
18. I still haven't seen any real tears from you...knock on wood.
19. You haven't laughed much yet...maybe daddy isn't that funny.
20. Sorry to tell you but there's already naked pictures of you on the Internet.
21. You have a crazy mom.
22. She gets it from your grandma.
23. You have taken a nap long enough for me to write this even though your naps are usually short.
24. Last but not least, you are amazingly, wonderfully beautiful. I know you will be smart, spoiled, stubborn, silly and so special to everyone you meet for a long time to come. Thank you for being you and for bringing so many people so much joy over the past three months. You are one great little girl.
Love you,

Pumpkin patch pics coming soon!

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