Won't You Stand Up (stand up stand up) and Use Your Voice?

If you're a Harrison county hick country music fan, you probably recognize the title of this post as a Sugarland song lyric. It got me to thinking about "standing up" for things and how I'm usually too afraid to do it because a) I might offend someone or b) it could result in an awkward moment (doncha just hate those).

So as I was driving to work the other day I asked myself the question: what am I so passionate about that I would "stand up" and use my voice. The answer came quickly...

No, not frogs. Being green. Ever since I met a former co-worker from Oregon (hi Jessi), my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of recycling. The city of Council Bluffs makes it easy, providing two tubs free of charge to each household, collecting cardboard/ paper products and glass one week and plastics and metals the next.

For those of you who think, "I really don't use a lot of those products," I ask you, "Really? Are ya sure?" Here's what our household bin (and surrounding area) looks like after less than two weeks of collecting paper products.

Now imagine all that going to the landfill instead. Sad huh? Imagine if everyone on my block sent the same amount to the landfill. Downright depressing!

This is the part where I "stand up and use my voice." Please consider recycling if you don't already. Even a small amount saved from the trash can is worth it. Random fact: Did you know recycling a SINGLE aluminum saves enough energy to power a TV for 4 hours?! Crazy huh!

I don't need to tell you that one person really can make a difference. Just take another look at the picture above.

It's really not as hard to be green as Kermit previously thought. Most cities have free recycling programs and offer curbside pickup on the same day as trash pickup. It's just a matter of getting a bin and getting started.
Here are some resources:
(For those of you in apartments, there's a list of drop-off sites included).
Council Bluffs
Des Moines

I'll get off my soapbox now...and probably recycle it!


  1. I still remember the blank stare on the apartment managers face when i asked her where we could put our recycling for pickup. After a few seconds she mustered...in the dumpster. About a year later they joined a program called recyclebank through recyclepal. Look it up if you are a small business or apartment living in omaha.

    I have to admit I haven't been quite as good about this lately. I seperate most things in my kitchen but I realized a lot of things in the bathroom are leaving via the trash that could be recycled. Thank you for the reminder. I think it's important we take care of this land we live on. I need to stop slouching and stand with you.

  2. I remember you telling that story! Glad I could be a reminder. Thank you for inspiring me in the first place!