We are Family

sing it with me now...I got all my sisters and me.
There. I feel better. Now for my new favorite photo...

It's like we were meant to be or something.

Here's to hoping the next member of the fam fits in. p.s. I am NOT pregnant. That's just my permanent "food baby" (thanks for noticing). And she doesn't have a name so she (yes, it's a girl) doesn't get to be a part of the Lindquist family fridge magnet club.
We're exclusive like that.

Have you seen the "funniest" video of all time yet? Ah, snow days.

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  1. If we're playing Scrabble rules, then when new baby does come, the name will have to end in H, O, F, or H; it will have to start with H or O. Just saying.