This post is brought to you by the Letter C

As a follow up to my S post, I thought I'd show C some love.

C is for CRAWLING...OK, maybe it's Army crawling, but I don't like using adjectives in Scattergories so I won't use them here. (Seriously, don't ever play Scattergories with me. You will hate that game afterward. And not because I won. Because you had to argue for 2.5 hours over whether your word is worth double points. Not worth it). I warn you, Faith's crawl is a little unorthodox, but so are her dad's dance moves so it's cool.

C is for CLAPPING. Ladies and gentlemen, it does not get any more adorable than this. Except if she would've been wearing a giant, pink bow, right auntie Rach?

C is for CUPID. Rob made me the most CREATIVE Valentine's day gift animated video with our fridge letter magnets. While it wasn't the dinner reservations, wood burning fire, chocolate covered strawberries, slow dance music and jewelry filled evening that one of my co-workers planned for his wife (their 1st V-day together...rookie) I thought it was so thoughtful and heartfelt. Way better than anything store bought.

C is for CONSTIPATED. Oh yeah, I went there. And no, there's not a video for this one. You're gross. We were warned about feeding Faith too many bananas (nice try, Amy) but she was fine the first time. Four days in a row though? Not so much. However, I did learn something. What bananas can do, prunes can undo.

C is for CORNY, which Rob does very well. I got the crazy covered, but you've seen enough of that already.

Last but not least, C is for CUTE. Nuff said.

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