The bath from hell

In hindsight, I should have gone grocery shopping. I had the option between that and giving Faith a bath. She loves the water, especially having her hair washed, so I chose the latter and off to Hy-Vee went Rob.

Faith's bath started off as most baths do, getting the baby naked. As I was preparing to place her in her bath chair, she peed...all over her fully clothed mother. Better than peeing in the tub I guess. Not wanting to prolong things, I decided to strip off the bottom half of my clothes and hop in there with her. I wiped her face with a washcloth, got her 8.5 pound body wet and began soaking her hair.

Right in the middle of what can only be described as a glorious rendition of "Rubber Ducky," an explosion of immense proportions occurred. That's right, my cute lil, innocent-eyed daughter pooped. With me in the tub no less! While she was unfazed, I was traumatized. For anyone who has ever seen a breastmilk fed baby's diapers, you can empathize with me here. Ewwww.

After lots of omygods and babycakeshowcouldyous, I got the situation handled, and gave her bath number 2. The kicker: as I was putting on a fresh clean diaper, she peed on her changing pad...girl is hydrated!

Anyway, I thought I'd better note this milestone of sorts on the blog so I can remind her of it when she's in her teen years. And for anyone that's never thanked their mother for all the shit (pun intended) they put up with, please do so now. Cheerio!

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  1. Dear Nicke, When I was 3 and my brother Craig was one our mom bathed us together to save time. I still recall Craig pooping in the tub. I was not happy. Aunt Mary