2 month checkup/Shots...and not the kind you order another round of

Faithy had her two month checkup on Friday.  In summary, she is doing great! She is smiling, cooing, holding up her heavy little noggin, tracking moving objects/crazy parents with her eyeballs and sleeping from about 10 ish to about 5 ish.

One happy baby!
As for the height and weight department, we have a very tall baby. Say what? My 5'11 (on a good day) husband and my 5 foot 3.5 inch (yes, gotta list that half inch) self have a 22.5 inch long babes. She is "a peanut" according to Dr. Loucks, weighing in at just 9 pounds 2 ounces, but is thriving in her development nonetheless. Her head size ranges in exactly the 50 percentile. If ever there was a time to be average, the size of one's head is it :)

And now for the not-so-fun part - shots. She received about 5 different vaccines in the form of two different needle sticks and one liquid dropper.

The plate of doom
Now everyone I talked to said it would be harder on me than her. To be honest, I thought that was crap since she would be the one enduring the pain. That was before they stuck her. Once the nurse pulled the needle out of her chubby lil thigh, she did one of those wait-for-it-wait-for-it-wait-for-it wails that reached a volume we had never heard before. Rob pointed out to me that it was a good thing we'd never heard her scream like that. My eyes were too busy welling with tears to care.

Ouch, Mommy!
The reason it's so difficult for mommies? It's hard to watch your child be in that much pain. Something I didn't get until I experienced it firsthand. On a positive note, both Faith's and my eyes were dry by the time we left the doctor's office, though she was sporting a "what the hell just happened?" look on her face. We survived. Barely.

But she did get a rockstar band-aid out of the deal...too bad that won't work til she's at least two.

Sadly, I've found myself a little bummed that she hasn't gained as much weight as I hoped. She eats well (5 ounces a feeding) isn't fussy and sleeps well, so I suppose it's just the way she is and I just need to accept it. I think that will be a very important lesson for me to learn as a mom, to just let her be her and not worry about how she compares to other babies her age. That said, I'm really proud of her for how far she's come in just two short months and want her to know how much her mommy and daddy love her. All 9 pounds 2 ounces :)

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