Howie's world

Many of you have asked what Howie thinks of Faith.
It's hard to sum it up in one sentence so I thought I'd let the pictures do the talkin'...

He loves sniffing her and licking her little fingers and toes! Faith's defense is to play dead.

Howie is pretty sure the boppy was purchased for his use only. 
He can often be found napping in it, looking quite adorable!

"Where's Howie?" we often find ourselves saying, only to run upstairs and discover him chewing on one of Faith's socks. Other times he does it right in front of us like he's invisible or something.

H dizzle pups (one of my many nicknames for our dog) loves Tummy Time. 
He's gets his and his sister's toys confused on a regular basis. It doesn't help when grandma comes over and starts playing fetch with Faith's toys. I guess she'll be stealing his toys in no time so it evens out.

Howie is also famous for walking off with Faith's pacy (yes, with the nipple in his mouth). Since we're usually chasing after him to reclaim it, we never think to snap a picture even though it's one of the cutest things ever, so here's a posed shot. This is Howie's "am I in trouble?" look.

Overall, Howie thinks Faith is pretty great. He's excited for his new little BFF to grow so she can play and we are just excited to watch a lifelong friendship begin!

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