Oh the words that are comin' outta her mouth!

Me: "Faith, we need to take your libary books back."
Faith: "Or they will find us?"
Me: "No, Faith, they will FINE us, with an E."

Faith: "Dad, will you take my picture?"
Dad: "Sure." (click)
Faith: "Can you facebook it?"

Me, struggling to get a booger out of Gabby's little nose.
Faith: "Here's how I get a booger." (starts to put index finger up to nose)
Rob and I: (dying laughing)

(Driving by an antique shop with a mannequin outside)
Faith: (Squeal)
Me: "What? What is it?"
Faith. "A barbie. A big one."

Faith, stumbling into the living room after she just woke up
"My car ran out of gas. And I don't have money to buy any."

(Guy with no shirt on rides by on a bike)
Faith: (in a tattletale voice) "He's naked."

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