Cribs: Lindquist style

You know how you don't notice how annoying your own voice is until you record it on video. Yeah, this house tour was an exercise in that. Consider me humbled. And consider yourself welcome in our home.

If you have 9 minutes and 53 seconds to spare, and who doesn't -I know you'd rather watch this than work- do click play on the link above for the full monty that is our house as well as some funny Faith moments (warning - this video reveals she is not the angel her parents pretend she is).

If you don't have 10 minutes of your precious Dancing with the Stars watching time to give, you can click the links of the main rooms below.

I made this video for two reasons. #1) I want to remember what our first home looked like on any given day 20 years from now and #2 (which should really be #1) the house was clean. Let me repeat. The house. Was clean.

This is where I take a bow, and maybe a curtsey too, just cause it's fun.

Living Room



Faith's room

Unfortunately, Rob got a hold of the camera. (outtake).

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