First, a few updates:
  • Unfortunately, Faith didn't make the "Your Three Words" this morning (maybe next weekend).
  • This Thursday is my last day of summer vacation. Although I have accomplished a lot this summer, I'm sad ;)
  • My breakfast pizza was a success!
  • Nicole decided to make a blanket-fort for Faith yesterday (good thing she wasn't an engineer).
  • Faith and I went to the Children's Museum where she got to use her "oohs" and "awes" often.
Faith emerging from the "fort"
Lots of "ooohs"
Now to the meat of things:

My summer "vacation" is almost over (I start back this Friday with an optional day). I think that most teachers and stay-at-home parents would agree it's not much of a vacation though. Being a stay-at-home dad has been challenging, but very rewarding. Not only do I have to occupy a now one-year-old, but I have been challenged with feeding my wife (I'm one helluva cook).

As you know, Nicole works her ass off both at work and when she gets home. I may have Faith all day (and now a Daddy's Girl) but when Nic comes home, she takes care of most of the nighttime routine. Also, she normally (read: 99% of the time) gets up with Faith in the morning. So I have been very appreciative.

So, as I begin to juggle my getting-back routine with my keep-Faith-active routine (we just picked tomatoes before this post) I am feeling bittersweet about sending Faith back to the daycare. This past summer we have done a lot together, but next summer we'll be able to do a lot more... I've already told Nic we're camping and fishing next June!

Oh, and I got suspicious a little while back, and forgot to post this video (watch it, it's kind of funny)!

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