Three More Words


By now you may have heard through the Facebookvine that Misses Faithy Lindquist appeared on a little show called "Good Morning America" Saturday morning.

I submitted the video the last week of July and thought it might appear that very Saturday. Of course I was wide awake that morning, but had a mommy moment and thought it started at 7, not 6 a.m. Faith and I played while the TV sat off. Once I turned it on and realized I just missed "Your Three Words" I tried to kick myself. Luckily, I'm not that flexible. We weren't DVRing it at that time either. I knew I could check the link online later, but I never got around to it.

When she didn't appear the next two weeks, my mom tried to kindly inform me that they probably didn't chose our video. Me being that mom who thinks her kid's the only kid ever to walk across a room so adorably, I refused to believe it.

This past Saturday, we were up at 6, but I thought we'd just play rather than turn on the TV. At 7 o'clock, I decided to fast-forward through GMA just to see the "Your Three Words" segment, which usually airs with about 10-15 minutes left. Imagine my shock when I saw this flash across my screen while fast-forwarding at minute 30.

I quickly hit play to hear my new man Dan Harris say, "Plus, first steps and other big milestones from your world in your three words -one of the segments we love and we do it every Saturday morning." They used part of Faith's video to tease the segment later in the show! I remember thinking how lucky the person whose video they chose to tease last week's "your three words" segment must have felt at the time and now it was ours.

Needless to say if you know me at all, I proceeded to freak out and shout to a sleeping husband from the bottom of the steps that Faith was on GMA! I ran back into the living room, turned to Faith and screamed, "YOU WERE ON TV." In hindsight this was not a wise move. She froze, looked at me and instantly started bawling. It was like I just told her that the Little Einsteins aren't real people. Sad stuff.

A few hugs and apologies later, we all huddled around the TV to watch this video!

She was the first clip in the series, and because I was happy, because Faith didn't shed enough tears, and just because I'm me, I cried. Rob looked at me like this was abnormal for me for some reason as I tearily told my mama over the phone that Faith just had her fifteen seconds of fame. Thank you GMA for reaffirming my belief that when my daughter walks into across a room, people notice. 

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