Faithless for 36 hours

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Mom guilt. It's something the X chromosome has dealt with since mother Mary and sweet baby J. "The books" will tell you it's important to take care of yourself first, get some "me" time, but knowing and doing are two different things. While I suffer from this unfortunate condition, I'm learning to live with it. I don't mind asking for help anymore or letting someone other than just my mom and sister babysit Faith while I go do my thang. In fact, I've done a 90 degree turn (180 would be dumping her off on my neighbor's porch and speeding away).

Rob and I made plans for this past Thursday night and since Rob's first day at school was Friday and Faith doesn't start daycare until Monday, we asked my mom if she could watch Faith overnight, all day Friday and possibly Friday night too so we could party like rockstars clean out our garage. (We were cool once, I swear). Well, when I got home Thursday night, I walked into an eerily clean and calm house. I don't think that has happened since pregnancy. And because I knew it was only for a night or two, I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Please don't report me to the Mom Guilt Police. The thing I miss the most from my pre-mama days: being able to prepare a meal without a toddler opening the fridge and pulling out the parmesan cheese, Wortcestershire sauce or "daddy pop." (Sure, it may sound cute, but the 163rd time, not so much). Rob grilled salmon while I prepared fresh salads with veggies from the garden...uninterrupted. It was glorious.

After dinner, we headed to the Blues Brothers Revue at the Omaha Community Playhouse. Told ya we had some cool in us.

The show was a blast. Because it was so interactive, we sang, we laughed, we danced, we made fun of the two duds to my right who sat there stone-faced while the entire crowd stood and shouted.

It was a night that wouldn't have been if we didn't have a babysitter for Faith. Here's the kicker. She bonded with her grandma and papa Stevie. It was a win win for all. And I'll be the first to say I had a good time without my daughter there. It is OK to do that right? Right?! I've decided that nothing annoys me more than parents who brag about how long it's been since they've been on a date or that if they do go out, all they talk about is the kid(s). It's kinda like celebrating the fact you don't exercise or eat vegetables. It is good for you to get out of the house without your child strapped to your chest in the baby Bjorn. Let someone else enjoy their company. You'll have fun talking about all the things that went on while you were out afterward.

When my mom called Friday to ask if we could come pick up Faith instead of grandma dropping her off Saturday morning, please don't tell anyone, but I was slightly disappointed. (pause for gasp!) I love Faith, but it is next to impossible to get anything done in her presence. This blog is being typed during an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (ohhhhToooodles). In addition to the fact I don't like her to watch more than one episode of cartoons, the Disney characters start to wear on me after a while. I don't want my go-to dance move to become the hotdog dance. So I can't just plop her down in front of the boob tube every time I want to accomplish a task. Granny Janny also discovered it was Mission Impossible V to pack for a vacation with Faith as a houseguest, hence the Friday night phone call. Instead of a run, a leisurely shower, dinner and the thrill that is cleaning out one's garage, Rob and I opted for a quick meal at Le Mesa before going to pick up Faith. May I just say that eating hot food is quite awesome. Two nights in a row and now I'm just spoiled.

Upon arriving at Henry's Diner Nothin' Finer in Crescent, I heard a little girl screaming in the bathroom, not in pain, but just to see how loud her little voice could echo in there. I opened the door just as she and grandma were exciting. She was as surprised to see me as I was happy to see her. Love love love that kid. She reached her little arms out for her mama and I gave her a big hug. I felt refreshed and she got the chance to show off all her new skills to grandma and grandpa (which include carrying around a purse, giving sloppy kisses and yelling everyone's favorite word: NO!).

She even forgave us for not feeling guilty for having a good time without her because she had a good time too.

An outfit only grandma could put together love.

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