My First Blog Swap

One week ago, I sat in front of my computer reading about the opportunity to swap blogs with someone for a day. It was Tuesday and the deadline was the next day. I hemmed and hawed (whatever the hell that means) and decided that I was too busy to participate in such nonsense. That next day, Mr. Twitter put the link in front of my face again. I clicked on it and decided, "ah, what the hizzle."
So so so so (one more so for good measure) glad I did.

Tomorrow when you click on your favorite Internet page that is this blog, you will get to meet this girl:
love her smile. anyone else spy a Howie impersonator?
Her name is Dana and if she and I were men, I'd have a man crush on her. But we're not, obviously, so I'll just say she's my new BF (blog friend) so as not to freak her out.

Dana, who writes the blog "The Abundant Life" and I are taking part in the 20SB blog swap (20SB stands for 20 something bloggers). She's got an amazing story to share and I would really love love love it if you all could give her a warm welcome and I don't know, comment on her post that made me cry if you feel so inclined.

Once you've read her post on my blog, check out my post on her blog. It's a Life as a Lindquist linkfest to all my favorite posts as well as a list of summer of 2011 highlights.

It's like pen pals, with Internet :)

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