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I decided I would free write for a post (since I am reminded I haven't done one in a while). The first thing I noticed was the new blogger interface. Very scaled back... kind of throwing me off. I had important stuff to say (I'm sure) but now most of it's gone.

So Nicole and I finally watched "The Social Network" and we both really liked it. I think I'll make a list of random thoughts that come into my head, and if someone creates a website from it, I'll sue for $65 million.

- We need to watch more movies I've decided.

- You know, now that I'm the dad of a one-year-old, I really do wish there was more time in the day so I could sleep it away.

- Howie seems to know when to bark at the most inopportune times. This can be applied to train whistles as well.

- Nicole and I would like to move away from the trains eventually, but then our bobble-head collection would lose its charm... (ba dum).

- Our friends are having twins, one boy and one girl. Wife doesn't have baby-fever quite yet...

- Add to above... My neighbors dogs bark at the most inopportune times.

- I finally feel like I'm teaching... and it's awesome! As a non-math guy, working with budgets all day is tough, but I'll manage.

- I dare you to find a more beautiful campus than Iowa State in the fall... Go Cyclones!

- Tailgating rocks.

- I'm very eager for basketball season to get underway.

- My wife's birthday is coming up and I'm getting her ___________ and I don't think she has any idea (I will remove the line eventually).

-I'm running again (as is Nicole) and it's great.

Well, I feel as though if you're still reading this, you're bored by now! I'm sure I'll post again soon.


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