24 things at 22 months

My little Faithy,
This is probably my last 24 things letter to you. I've written them for 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 20 and now 22 months. I have a special surprise for your second birthday that will serve as my 24 things for 24 months post and then I just want to post updates like these more often, when they happen, so I don't forget a single detail. You are growing up so fast! I am so proud of you. That may sound silly to say to or about a 1-year-old, but everything about you makes me proud to be your mom. I've never loved anyone like I love you, so thank you for your sly smile first thing in the morning, one-of-a-kind, topple-me-over hugs after a long day at work and holding my hand in between. I love you!

24 things

I love to make you laugh. I do this thing where I smell your feet and when I smell the left one, I pretend it smells like roses, but when I smell the right one, I say "Yuck" or "Ewwwww" and make a funny face. It never gets old and you always say "gin" as in "again, mommy?"

You are becoming so independent. I have tried to let you drink out of a cup a couple times, but we've had some spilled milk (and we both cried). I picked you up from daycare the other day and you were drinking out of a glass like it was no biggie. I'm trying to get better about not underestimating you.

you can swing by yourself, too!
 Colors are not as much of a mystery to you any more. You can now identify pink 100% of the time. You also know white (which I don't think is even a color) and blue, though sometimes you think yellow is blue. We're getting there!

This one is random, but you do this thing with one of your (many) electronic toys where you say something to the effect of "zibaz" and then wait for someone to respond. We started pretending like you were a waitress taking our order so we say things like "I'll have three hotdogs and two french fries." You then look at the next person and wait for them to order. Papa Stevie ordered a beer from you and when he asked where it was a minute later, you said "It right here" and handed him a stuff "bear."

Dogs love you. You are great at "petting nice" now and even Howie doesn't run away from you anymore.You love to hold the "yeash" on his walks.

Faith Lindquist, you are the next American Idol. You are great at putting your own spin on songs. For example, the ABCs. They now go "ABCDHIH" and repeat several times. H is by far your favorite letter.

Maybe it's because your dad and I never shut up, but you are a talking machine. Some of your sentences include "I walk." "What dat noise?" "Mommy, I find your phone." "Shhh, baby sleeping." "My daddy coming?" "De End" (at the end of a book). "Where Howie go?" "Howie home." "Gammy home." "Papa home." "Faithy turn." "I have it." "Howie, stop bockin," -- not sure why you sound like you're from Jersey on that last one.

Whenever a door is closed you say "Knock Knock." And when we say, "Who's there?" You respond with "Faithy door."

I think you think your name is Faithy and not Faith. We are trying to teach you Janna and Lindquist.

We are also trying to teach you "Booo Hawkeyes" and most recently "Ewww Huskers." The other day I said, "Booo Hawkeyes" and you said "Goooo Kikones." (C's are hard!) I think my Pavlovian training is working on you :)

Potty training is going.....nowhere. You LOVE to just sit on the pot for 20 minutes throwing little bits of toilet paper into the toilet. You usually whine and cry when I tell you time's up. We say "bye bye poopies" even though there's nothing in the toilet but a lot of Charmin and then wash our hands. You did poop on the potty once purely by timing. I gave you 75 stickers and danced a jig so I'm not sure why you haven't done it since.

You hate brushing your teeth, but LOVE swallowing your edible toothpaste. One day you wanted Mommy's toothpaste so I gave you a tiny dab. After you tried to eat it you said, "I don't yike it!" Sorry about that.

Sensative much? Anytime anyone remotely reprimands you (after you've turned off the TV for the 100th time) you turn on the waterworks. It works for now.

Days of Our Lives is reserving a spot for you since you're so good at fake crying too. "Biiiiiiinkkkkyyyy." When we fake cry with you, you bust up laughing and that's how we know you're for sure faking. We're trying to get this on video and send it to America's Funniest Videos so we can put $10,000 in our vacation fund your college fund.

Apparently you like the Easter bunny better than Santa, according to your reactions when sitting on their laps. Speaking of Easter,you also recognize pictures of Jesus now, which makes mommy proud.

Sesame Street is still your fav and will be the theme of your birthday party in a couple months. You ask to watch "BiBird" and when we count to five you say, "Ah Ah Ah" just like the Count after each number.

You finally like fruit again. Out of nowhere you just started munching on strawberries (without ice cream on them!) and requesting bites of apple from me while I'm driving. You also ate brocolli (yes it was covered in cheese and Ranch dressing, but you ate it)! You're still kind of a messy eater.

Our bedtime routine is still my favorite part of the night. After sharing a fudge bar with dad, you brush your teeth, we pick out 3 books or so and read them, and then I turn off the lamp and you turn and give me a hug. I hold you in my arms over your crib and recite the "Lovely Lady, dressed in blue" prayer and then lay you in your crib. You tuck two giraffes under your arms, roll over and go to sleep. I cover you up with a blankie, say "Goodnight Faithy, God loves you." and walk out the door. I am getting choked up typing this. What is wrong with me?

I forgot about the part where I hand you your Binky and all is right with the world. I REALLY want to take it away, but I know you won't be a baby/kid much longer, so I let you have it. Sometimes you try to talk with it in your mouth and it reminds me of a chain smoker, especially when you're shirtless and your little potbelly is hanging over your diaper.

can you spot Howie?

You weigh approximately 24 pounds -- a lightweight by most chart's standards, but your parents aren't exactly giants, so I don't worry about ya anymore,...well, your weight anyway.

Daddy likes to tease you sometimes. He yells, "Who's crazy?" and you raise your hand all excitedly.

My child, you are OBSESSED with jellybeans, also known as j-beans. You'd eat them for breakfast if we let you. Thankfully, the Easter season is over, but I blame you're honorary aunt Cari McClannahan for this one. (Thanks for the Easter basket, Cari :)

Perhaps, the best day of my life was when I dropped you off at daycare, you gave me a smooch, a hug and then said, "I yike you, Mommy." I yike you too, Faithy!

That brings me to #24. For those of you who know my kid, I'd love for you to share your own number 24 in the comments, so when we print this someday, she'll have it forever. (She'll be driving before we know it!)

 If you don't have a Faithism to share, I'd love to hear a funny story about your kid. Please, make it embarrassing :)

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