Faith at 9 months

24 things, chapter 3. You can find Chapters 1 and 2, here and here.

1) Food Fetishes: Though you only weigh 16 pounds and a few ounces, you are a fan of food. Your favorites are my "homemade" apricots and pears and your least favorites are avocados and blueberries (I really do try not to laugh when you made a face that looks similar to mine after a shot of whiskey).

2) Toofs: FINALLY, you have two bottom chompers. They arrived a week or so ago and you love biting everything, including your Dad. You like to show them off when you make this face.

3) Sleep Status: You always been a bait baby in this department, and with daylight savings we confused you into sleeping an extra hour til 6:30 though I'm sure you'll get us back in the fall. I still wake up several times a night to your every cry and coo and you can read all about that in an article in this Sunday's Omaha World-Herald featuring Yours Truly and Mr. Yours Truly.

4) Giggly girl: Things that make you laugh include airplane rides on my legs, "ouch," Howie running around in circles, the bunny hop, the ole standard peekaboo, fake falls, juggling, my beautiful singing voice, other people laughing (you like to be in on the joke), sneezing and other randoms we have yet to discover.

5) Go-to transportation method: army crawl. I feel like we should pay you an allowance for keeping the floors so shiny, but you'd probably blow it all on Gerber Puffs.

7) Words of choice: Overall, you're a chatterbox McGee, but dada, baba, and mama are your faves...but only mama when you're crying or mad. Um, P.S. - Dad didn't give birth to you or pump your meals for 6 months straight, so let's work on this.

8) Latest accomplishment: feeding yourself. You can shove those puffs in your face faster than Howie takes off with a pacifier. Amazing, really.

9) Locks of love: Yours are curly Qs and I hope they stay that way.

10) Favorite toy: Toys? Who needs toys when there are DVD towers to knock over, remotes to reprogram, and Howie bones to taste? (I'm not proud of that last one, OK).

11) Uniquely you: Daddy calls it the "tadpole dance" but you do this thing when you're on your tummy that's a cross between Jillian Michaels' "supermans" and the worm...usually with your tongue out. I promise not to show it to your prom date.

12) Not sure what socks ever did to you but from the way you despise them, I'm willing to bet it was unforgivable. Hopefully shoes can make it up to you cause Auntie Rach got ya some cute TOMS.

13) There are no words for this, though we did feel a little bad about laughing.

14) Your grandma writes the best notes when she babysits you. An excerpt from one: "One lady said, 'she looks like the Gerber baby,' another said, 'cutest baby ever,' and another, 'what a cute little boy.'" Two out of three ain't bad Faith.

15) Unfortunately you've learned to cry when you don't get your way...did your dad teach you that?

16) Water baby: If I was still a lifeguard I would blow my whistle at you in the bathtub for splashing. You thoroughly enjoy smacking the water even if it gets in your eyes. I bought you some little swimmers for our first swim lessons soon. Dad will be doing the dunking.

17) Holding your own: Why would you hold your own bottle when someone else will do it for ya? Well played, baby. Well played.

18) I know you're not supposed to watch TV, but Little Einsteins were invented so parents could eat. You and your dad get the same transfixed look when cartoons are on.

19) Since you're an only child, it's hard to compare you to anyone but you but you are a thinker and an observer and I'm thinking I like these traits. You cousin Cam is a go-er. The little woman never stops, and for that her mom and dad deserve medals.

20) I couldn't be happier that winter is coming to a close. You've had a cough for what seems like an eternity but antibiotics, an elevated mattress, a humidifier, saline drops and a bulb syringe, steam showers and TLC in general seems to have cured you.

21) 3 more months! I already have your first birthday outfit picked out. And the planning has commenced. I'm thinking of ordering either your invitations or thank you's from Erin Human who does kick a$$ illustrations (I never gave up typing swear words for Lent).

22) You and your dad are partners in crime. Sometimes when I'm getting ready in the morning I listen in on your conversations from upstairs and smile. Daddy overreacts to your diapers and you just laugh at him. He is so proud of his baby girl.

23) Our nighttime routine includes dinner at 6, a much-needed bath afterward, a 6 ounce bottle, maybe a book if you're up for it and rock a bye baby to sleep or almost sleep. It's an exhausting two hour song and dance, but I feel like Superwoman when you shut your eyes for the day. Your happy demeanor tells me I'm doing something right as a mom. It's my first time ya know.

24) I didn't think you could get any more beautiful than you were at 8 months...

but you proved me wrong at your 9 months pictures (my e-mail is and the password for the pics is "faithiscute") Faith, you look soooo mature and serious, but there are a couple of ornery ones too, which I like the most. You're an amazing little person Faith Janna and I love ya to the moon and back!

Love, Mom

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