All the Single Mamas

You may or may not have read the article in Sunday's Omaha World-Herald "Working moms on the night shift" in which I may or may not have thrown Rob under the bus. I did ask him first if I could respond to the reporter's query and if you read the article, you probably noticed the disclaimer I made about him being a good husband and partner (credit my media training on key messages to that making it to print).

While it is majorly a little annoying that Rob sleeps like he's dead while I rush to Faith's bedside at night as though I'm being timed, the bottom line is he's still there. This is not a "hooray Rob for playing dead in bed" post, but a shout out to all the single mamas "you rock, you roll and you deserve a day off ladies" post. I got a glimpse of this world during basketball season and it made me mean and resentful. It was plain hard if not impossible to do Faith's morning routine all by myself while trying to get ready for work and be on time. If Rob had morning practice and an evening game, night duties fell to me too, which consisted of feeding, bathing, entertaining and rocking to sleep. It would be 8 o'clock before I changed out of my work clothes and got something to eat. There was no time to study, to workout, to read for enjoyment...OK, to watch the 5 episodes of Ellen I DVRed. I. was. exhausted. and just wanted to go to bed. I don't want this to be a pity party for me or anyone who does this on a regular basis, but instead a "hells yeah, you go girlfriend" thing for anyone who was a single mama, is a single mama or might be a single mama if you throw Mr. Husband in front of any more Greyhounds. 
Just substitute the word "mamas" for "ladies" and it works. Trust me.

In closing, I better state why Rob is a good husband and partner. Exhibits A-E.

Grilled salmon, loaded sweet potato and green beans with parm

Homemade loose meat sandwiches and sweet potato fries...took a bite before a picture

Pesto pasta with breaded chicken and Cabernet Sauvignon -fancy name for wine

Breakfast tacos with blah, blah, blah and MIMOSAS  in our wedding toast glasses

Chicken enchilada casserole with black tortilla chips and a quality brew
He's cute and smart too, but the best compliment I can give him is to tell you that he makes me laugh (whether he's trying to or not I don't know sometimes).

When we first got our iPhones, we decided to try the facetime feature just as we were sitting on our respective couches in the living room. This mug came up on my phone

I answered it, connected to facetime and there was my husband, sitting 5 feet away from me, waving his hand and using his best Japanese accent to say "Hi, from Tokyo!"

Cracked me up. Love that man. Night shift or not.


  1. First off I can totally heard Rob saying Hi, from Tokyo! Second I need that chicken enchilada casserole recipe ASAP. Third I totally agree with you! I have seen single momhood first hand and from many of my friends and don't wish it on anyone! I count my blessings everyday!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  2. Haha, I think he just got it off the back of the enchilada sauce can. It's just chicken, green chiles, lots of cream cheese and the enchilada sauce with noodles.

    Always good to count your blessings and you have a lot (including an almost 1-year-old - crazytown).

    We heart the Hartzes too :)