Big Girl Panties

I wish this post were about Faith and potty training, but alas, it is about her mother and her need to quit being such a Sally (poor Sally, not sure how she got such a bad rap) and Take Away The Pacifier.

We were inching toward this goal, hit a bump in the road with Pneumonia and then began driving in reverse full-speed. Faith can now demand the binky and does so quite frequently. Out of the bath, during diaper changes and just any other time she damn well pleases. Yesterday, she found one lying around the house and stuck it in her mouth for .3 seconds before I took it away since it wasn't nap or bedtime. I thought my taking it away would result in what resembles a dance party on the floor, but with crying, however, instead she just moved right along. Like a junkie who just took a hit that could tie her over until the withdrawals kicked in again.

It's time.
I can do this.
Waking up 3 times a night to put the pacifier back in her mouth is ridiculous.
I can do this.
Can I do this?

Reasons to take it away:
I hate that she tries to talk with it in her mouth.
We never upgraded to the +18 months ones, and Rob won't let me buy any more, so technically, they're too small for her mouth
It has to happen sometime.
She is getting MORE dependent on it, not LESS.
Cleaning them, when Howie is constantly coming out with one from under the crib, is getting old.
Packing them to go somewhere -- also getting old.
I'm tired of binky pics.

And just for good measure...

Reasons to keep it forever:
They comfort her.
Naptime and bedtime in our household are a breeze. (Please don't hate me).
I don't like to hear my daughter cry.
She falls back to sleep in .2 seconds after we plug one of em in circa 3 a.m. So do I.
I'm not into sleep deprivation.
She doesn't have any speech problems -- girl's a talker.
I never like Big Girl Panties anyway.

Help! I'm at a crossroads between "She's only a kid for a short time - let her keep it" and "Dear Lord, Woman -- this binky business in nonsensical."

Can someone tell me which way to turn?


  1. You can do it Nicole! Derek was against taking away Ainsley's bink, so I took it upon myself to take it away while he was gone a week for work. The first night she cried, and broke my heart. She woke up and I had to console her... for quite a while. After that night she was fine. Road trips were a struggle for a while b/c she used it to fall asleep while we drove. I think we also took it away about 18-20 months-ish.
    Good luck!!! :)

  2. OK...Get rid of it...She will be fine..You guys got rid of the bottle at 1 year. ( I saw on the nanny where they sent the pacifers in an envelope to the paci"ferries" and they got a gitter toy in the mail a few minutes later)...kinda cool idea...(Not sure she would "get it"/...those kids were like 4 year olds. Good luck Kris

  3. I'm pretty sure Dylan would freak if we lost his bunny (see modern family episode last week in which they lost lily's bunny on the subway. Btw i almost died laughing about cam's helvetica joke on the posters.) After he throws his pacifiers out of the crib he stuffs a bunny ear or two in his mouth. On second thought, he also does that with his socks...

  4. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I love hearing success stories :) I think I'm going to set a date: May 24! Ahhh, did I just do that?

    @kris, we got rid of the bottle at 1-year because we sent her to grandma's and forgot to pack it...hmm, an idea is brewing here :)

    @jessi - can't wait to meet your lil guy...and his bunny. I heart Modern Family!

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