my baby daddy

so i just watched yet another episode of a baby was a tearjerker as usual. the mother to be talked about how as a little girl you dream about the man you will marry who will become the father of your children and how now that moment is here for her. it made me cry because i know exactly what she means. i feel so blessed to have found the perfect husband for me and a man i know will be a great dad! why do i know he will be a great dad? good question...while i've never seen him change a diaper or burp a baby, i've seen firsthand how he cares for things that are important to him, whether it be a pregnant wife, a sick dog, his tulips (don't make fun) and sadly, his golf clubs. ;) i have no doubt in my mind how much he will love and care for our baby girl. it makes my heart smile to picture him holding her. i couldn't be happier with where we are in life right now and i know he feels the same way. it feels good to be bringing a baby into this world with the love of my life and i just want everyone i know to know it :)

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