maternity photos - life as a lindquist

thanks to genetics, my belly is still stretch mark free...thanks mom! even still, i never really considered maternity pics until my friend and now photographer summer fawn mumford evans offered to snap some photos when we visited her and her hubby luke in des moines in march. i'll let the pictures entertain you, but i do have to say that before she even took the first pic, i ruined my makeup because i laughed so hard i cried. that's right....leave it to summer to position me right in front of the tv that luke and rob were watching all the march madness games on. then she wanted me hold a crunch position even tho my abs have long since gone into hiding. it was enough to make me crack up and i could not stop. it felt great tho. and i didn't even hesitate when she wanted to tie a giant bow around my stomach. you'll see below the "present" looks as tho it's about to pop at any moment. anyway, as much as lugging around an extra 25 pounds really puts a damper on your lung capacity, having a belly rocks. you never have to suck it in and people at the grocery store are nice to you. as much as i'm ready to wear pants that button again, i am glad summer was able to capture this moment in my pregnancy. have i mentioned she's pretty much the best. crazy cats and all :)

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the photos. I always wish I had done this!