Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting!

Wow, I am cheesy-lame guy. Admit it, you knew I was Captain Corny, but that's just a new level. Anyway, Happy belated Easter. And as you might have guessed, I have finally felt Baby L kick. Honestly though, if you did guess that you're either 1) extremely gifted or 2) extremely bored. It was such a weird, fantastical feeling that I didn't expect to have. In the 20ish weeks leading to me feeling a kick, I have stayed away from all other baby kicks (and quite well thank you), for the simple reason that I want to make sure to have no expectations with Baby L. To the point: I felt what I thought was a little hiccup by Nicole, but I had a fleeting suspicion. As quickly as I thought it was a hiccup by Nicole, she looked at me and asked if I felt it. Heck yea I did. On my right palm, near the pinky-side of my wrist, at 10:40ish on a Saturday night. That's just something I need to write so I don't forget (I feel that Nicole will have a test for me on this).

As if that wasn't good enough, Nicole woke me from my Post-Easter-Lunch Nap (yes, it's a real thing; and for a quick digression: I use parenthesis way too often) to have me come back to the table and feel another kick. It's such a magnificent feeling - like I did something right in the last bit of "baking time." Of course, I haven't done anything but support my wife, but that counts I think.

Oh well, it was great. And as much as I wanted to have a picture of Nicole in a Ninja outfit to go with the title of my post, I will let you enjoy her Easter Sunday dress. 10 bonus points if you can find the hidden basketball :)



  1. "if you did guess that you're either 1) extremely gifted or 2) extremely bored."

    Or 3.) Already a parent.


    Glad all is well. Enjoying the updates.

  2. haha, good point :) how are the boys?

  3. How exciting! Nothing is better than baby kicks.