Meet the newest member of the Lindquist fam...

No, not baby G lindquist...Ted. E. Bear (original, I know). Rob "won" Ted. E. at the TJ auction on Saturday. He came with two zoo passes, but needless to say won't be accompanying us to the zoo. Here, Ted. E. is chillaxin in my new rocker in the ever-so-crowded nursery. I say my rocker because Rob won't be the one using it at 2,3,4 a.m. Ayiyi, just thinking about seeing those hours on the clock makes me nervous, but at the same time, I'm so ready for Little Miss Lindquist to make her appearance. I wish I could enjoy pregnancy more, but for me it is just too worrisome and stressful. I hope the next 12 weeks fly by. I'm sure in hindsight they will, but for right now, time seems to be at a standstill! Also pictured are the new wall hangings we purchased from Wadding Creations I realize there's an overabundance of Iowa State gear in the baby room right now, but it will remain that way until we sell the futon at our garage sale on April 24 (mark your calendars...everything must go :) We have to keep a little bit of ISU gear in the room as we wouldn't have met, married or be creating a life together if it weren't for that school. Kinda holds a special place in our hearts, right next to baby G!

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  1. Here is the weird thing. Rob and I went to high school with the Waddings. I actually went to preschool- high school with the wife! They are so nice!