Talkin' Bout My Resolutions

Ah, my favorite time of year. Resolution Time. I've made 'em for a few years now:
2011; 2012; 2013 if you care to travel back in time. And 2014 will be no different. Continuing with my tradition to make as many resolutions as the last two digits of the year could get a little ridiculous (hello, 2033) so I'm just going to list my goals, (including carry-overs from last year -- don't judge) and see how many I have. But first a progress report on last year:

1) Have a baby. And breastfeed said baby for at least 6 months or through 2013.
Check and check. 

2) Sell our house and buy a new one.
Check and check.

3) Make progress on my thesis. 
Shit and shit. I just don't make time for this at all. Put it at the top of the list for 2014!

4) Fit back into my clothes by the end of the year. Moreso than this, I want to have established an exercise routine by the end of 2013. I want to do ONE race in 2013. Maybe a warm weather one in December. (Are you hearing me, Iowa State football players?)
Apparently the Cyclones are deaf. I do fit back into my clothes and yes, I ran the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, but no, I do not have an established exercise routine at this point in time. Please see resolution #1 as to why.

5) Take a vacation. Outside of Iowa or Nebraska.
Does Missouri for one day count? Because we TOTALLY rocked that. Thanks, Chad and Ericka!

6) Maintain my blogs. Going for four per month both here and on the CB blog.
I managed 3 per month here at Life as a Lindquist. The CB blog totally went on maternity leave with me. I'll shoot for four a month again next year on this blog, but realistically, two a month is probably reasonable for CB.

7) Last year, I resolved to read 12 books. Let's go with 13 for the coming year. 
Check please!

The Light Between Oceans
Defending Jacob
Silver Linings Playbook

Realer Than Real
Where We Belong
Just Like Me Only Better

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
All You Could Ask For by Mike Greenberg or Greenie of ESPN fame...really good book
Lucky Man - Michael J. Fox
Always Looking Up - MJF as well (I got lost in the biography section of the library.)
The Girls from Ames - highly recommend
7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess - also highly recommend

8) Learn to sew. Well, to hem, mend and sew a button on at least.
I never capitalized on my Christmas gift of lessons from mom, but there may be an opportunity to do so soon. :)

9) Scrapbook our Ireland vacation.
Aha. Ahahaha. Aahahahahahahha. No. This did not get done. I wanted to attend an all day scrapbooking event (we're talking 9 a.m.-9p.m. in which you only take breaks to eat and relieve Diet Coke) but it was held in early June when Miss Gabs was still a newbie.

10) Since I didn't read my camera manual in 2012 as I'd planned, I'll say that again, but more importantly, I want to get better about using and remembering to take our nice camera.
Nope. Damnit, I suck. I'm going to change this one, because let's face it, the idea of reading an entire camera manual sounds about as fun as --- nope, nothing worse than reading an entire camera manual. My new goal is to DO SOMETHING with all the pics I take. Make a photobook on Shutterfly. Print them out for frames. Blow them up for blackmail. Ya know, the usual.

11) Speaking of iPhones, my goal is to disconnect from my phone while I'm home at night, at least from the hours of 6-8 unless it rings or beeps. I hope my husband will join me in this one.
I did really well at this. You could ask Rob how he did, but he might not notice -- he's busy playing Candy Crush.

12) Plant some flowers at our new house.
Does it count if Rob did it? Yes. It totally counts.

13) Be the best wife, mother and person I can be.
Nope. But I want to keep this one every year!

So, for 2014 we have:
1) Finish that THESIS!
2) Blog, blog and blog some more.
3) Read 14 books. (Gotta have the #14 in there somewhere!)
4) Sew something. If that's a potholder with a button on it or pants with an awful hemline, then so be it. I CAN DO THIS!
5) Host a mom's scrapbooking night. If no scrapbooking gets done, host another one.
6) Make a Shutterfly book or imovie video for Gabby's first birthday. (She'll be ONE in five months!)
7) Run/Swim/Bike a triathlon. Been wanting to do this foreva!
8) Give up a biggie or a few biggies for Lent. We're talking food, $, media, etc.
(I'm crediting the Jen Hatmaker book "7" mentioned above for this one.)
9) Do the crossword puzzle in the paper every Saturday. #nerdword
10) Go on one "date" per month. A real date. An advisory council meeting catered by Hy-Vee at the local high school doesn't count, Rob ;) Note: this doesn't have to cost $!
11) Change Christmas, and birthdays. I love giving, so I get that people love to give gifts. But I am so tired of my children receiving too many toys they don't need. When Faith wanted to stop and play with the first thing she opened on her second birthday (a doll) and we had to force her to open the rest, a piece of my heart broke. I'm done with grooming my child to be a spoiled brat. Now to get everyone else on board.
12) Have a garage sale of epic proportions! See #11.
13) Pray a lot more. And teach my daughters to do the same.
14) Love my husband with all my heart. Sometimes I am his worst critic, when I should really be his best supporter. I should thank him for what he does do, rather than complain about what he doesn't. I should respond with love. Not when I feel like it, but always. When I step away from his ability to sleep in no matter what, his inability to say no to others, and his penchant for deviled eggs (just getting it out of my system), I see that he is truly a GREAT MAN and am so happy I got him for the rest of my life. Or his. (The deviled eggs may take him first.)
For the record, nothing prompted this last one, I just know it's something I really need to work on. And am hoping to do so daily in 2014.

Oh lookie, 14 resolutions for 2014. Should probably put "be less predictable" on the list for next year.

So, what are your resolutions for the new year? Anyone want to finish my thesis?


  1. Hey Nicole thanks for sharing! Good for your keeping track and actually accomplishing some of your resolutions. A few random thoughts - #4 I took a sewing 101 class for $15 at Joann fabrics. You can take your own machine in to use and they'll go through it with you and you get a little bag of starter supplies. We made cloth coasters. #5/6 Have you heard of Smashbooks? It's kind of a unscrapbook/journal. I just got one we'll see how that goes I haven't been too good about actual scrapbooking. #11 Made me think of this article Maybe you've already read it but that might help to convince people to give gifts instead of presents. 14. I've never met your husband but if he is a delved egg connoisseur I can tell he's awesome haha!

  2. this is great! thanks so much for the comments! i will definitely check out Smashbooks (never heard of em) and will go read that article right now! still gotta disagree on the deviled eggs though :)