Say What?

Me: "Faith, you want to go help us pick out a toilet?!"
Faith: "Yeah! I want a purple one!"

Faith: "Mom, we have a bad, bad, wild baby."

Me (talking to Gabby): "You're such a big girl!"
Faith: "No, she's not. She's a little baby."

Me: "Whoohoo! Go Cyclones!"
Faith: "Mooommm! The barbies are sleeping!"

Me: "Ouch, Faith, you smashed my finger."
Faith: "No, I smashed your whole hand."

Faith: "I'm gonna splash ya!"
Me: "No, Faith, don't splash."
Faith: "Told ya!"

Faith: "Broccoli is my favorite fruit!"

Faith: "Fruity pops make me happy..and friendly!"

Me (to Rob): "Why did you give Faith such a big scoop of ice cream?"
Faith: "Daddy gave me a big scoop because I'm growing up."
Noooooo! Say it ain't so!


  1. Can't even handle how smart and adorable your Faithy Girl is:)

  2. I love your blog, guys! So, of course I'e nominated you for The Liebster Award. Check out my post: