23 Things about Gabby Grace: 6 month edition

1) Let's start off on a good note. You are on a sleeping hotstreak. 5, possibly 6 nights of all through the night with very few peeps. We usually put you to bed between 7:45 and 8:45. (I totally screwed myself by typing this.)

2) We are still breastfeeding. Yay! You nurse about 5 or 6 times a day and are getting hard to handle as you get bigger.

3) You carry all your chunkiness in your cheeks and knees. It is adorable.

4) We are currently experiencing a bad case of thrush right now. You've had your mouth painted purple and are now on an antibiotic that we have to give you four times a day. I hope it goes away soon.

5) Things that make you laugh include: making fart noises on your legs and belly, the words "poopy pants," and raising your arms above your head or you above our heads.

6) You can SIT. As of about a couple weeks ago, you can go anywhere from 10-30 seconds sitting by yourself.

7) Anything and everything you see gets grabbed and goes directly into your mouth. I know all kids do this, but it's hard to read a book to a child that wants to eat it.

8) Speaking of your mouth, we started putting some solid foods in it. This is going to be a separate blog post, but you are MILES ahead of your sister in this category. You open your mouth like a hangar when the food comes your way and try to grab the spoon (see No. 7). Even daycare was impressed at you trying to feed yourself at the ripe age of 6 months.

9) I still haven't spent the night away from you yet. Or I could say you haven't spend the night away from your food source yet.

10) You have the cutest colic/tuft of hair that will not stay down for the life of a comb. I don't think you're going to have curly hair, but I think it's going to be thicker and longer than big sis'. I look forward to doing some braids -- no promises on how they turn out.

11) You've discovered Howie. And he's realized No. 7 and that you don't exactly let go easily. He yiped the other night and you had no idea that you were the reason he did.

12) Ahh, binkies. Nuks and MAMs save the day again. I am elated you take and love a pacifier. Ask me about this in 18 months.

13) Much to daycare's dismay, you like to be held. A lot. That's OK with me. I could hold you all day every day if I didn't need to shower, use the restroom or eat.

14) No teeth to report yet and I'm A-OK with that. We did buy you the teething toy Coco and you thoroughly enjoy gnawing on it. It's also a squeaky toy which confuses Howie to no end.

15) Dad had his first day out with two daughters and no mom. He took you to a TJ basketball game (even dressed you in a tutu with school colors). I may or may not have kidnapped you at halftime from said basketball game.

16) I hate to say much about Faith since this is YOUR 23 things, but man she loves you and goes to great lengths to make you smile. She thinks if she claps you'll stop crying. Sometimes you do stop momentarily because you're so startled by someone clapping in your face, but this is so helpful when I'm scrambling to get ready in the morning and you're getting ready for your first catnap of the day.

17) The car is your kryptonite. You cannot stay awake no matter the distance or time of day.
18) Nicknames I/we have for you include: Gabby Grace (not really a nickname I guess), GG, Gabbs, Gabby Girl, Gabster. I thought about choosing another F name when you were born, but you're such a Gabby and I'm happy it fits!

19) I swear you're going to start crawling tomorrow. You saw the remote the other day and started trying inch your way toward it. Luckily you can't get your belly off the ground yet or you would've changed the channel to Little Einsteins.

20) You like bathtime, especially when I get you out and wrap you in a big, comfy towel. It gets a smile every time.

21) Really the only time you cry is when you're tired. (Apparently, I don't let you get too hungry.) But man were you pissed the other day until we figured that out. Still trying to get you on a good nap schedule.

22) Being able to come feed you at daycare every day over my/our lunch hour has been a blessing. You are my mid-day pick-me-up. It's so fun to get to see your little face light up when I arrive.

23) Words that describe you include: loveable, huggable, kissable, undeniable :)

Bonus 24th thing: HALF A YEAR. It's so hard to believe how quickly time has passed. You've fit right into this family like a puzzle piece we didn't know was missing! Mom and dad love  you very much!

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