A Tale of Two Eaters

Not gonna lie, when it came time to start solids with Gabby, I wasn't exactly excited. I'm not one to rush into it anyway, as my pediatrician recommends the "drink on tap" exclusively for the first 6 months. But I knew as Gabs got closer to the half-year mark, it was time. Why was I hesitant? Well, I give you exhibit A below. I had a ton of footage from when we started real food with Faith and decided to make it into a short ,comical video after Gabby proved this wasn't necessarily normal.

And then there's Miss Gabrielle Grace. From day one, she showed an interest in food. It was such a relief to be honest. While it seems silly now, I truly believed at the time of the above video that Faith might not ever eat like a normal child. Feeding her was a daily exercise in frustration. With Gabby, it's the complete opposite. She cleans her plate/bowl and smiles the entire time. Thank you God for making each child of yours unique in their own way. We needed this :)


You may have seen this pic on Facebook already, but here's the story behind it. Gabby often sits on my lap during my dinner. This is usually the last thing my food sees before it makes its way to my mouth.

"Uh, are you gonna eat all that?"

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