Faith Funnies

Me: "Looks like this recipe calls for one egg."
Faith: "How bout three cause I'm three?"

Faith: (randomly while we were driving in the car) "I like being a kid."

Rob, asking a rhetorical question: "Why am I the only one cleaning?"
Faith, not understanding what a rhetorical question is: "Because I'm not."

(a scream)
Me: Faith, don't scream.
Faith: It wasn't me. It was glo-worm.

Faith: "Am I pretty or crazy?"

Gabby: Achoo!
Faith: "Gabby just said, 'I love my big sister!'"

Gabby: "agagdeaagagaga"
Faith:"Gabby just said, 'Whatever!'"

Faith: "When your beard gets long, will you still be my dad?"

This isn't really a "funny" per se but Faith starts every sentence with, "How bout you say" and then follows it with something like "Oh no, the pony is going to get us." Girl loves to control the dialogue. And we're just fine with that. One of these days I'll be on the computer during one of her paragraph rants and will be able to type it up. Then you'll be in for a real treat!

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