Halloween marked the 2 year anniversary of this blog. Here's the first picture we ever posted:
A year later, we followed up our lovely Legos with an Adams Family-esque post and some store-bought costumes (boooooo).
 This year, we didn't dress up, but instead lived vicariously through our child. Scratch that, I sort of dressed like an angry bird - apparently my Cyclone hat resembles an angry cardinal. Pair it with some red sweatpants and a red long-sleeve shirt and booyah, the neighbor boy could tell what I was. Success determined by a 10-year-old. Rob kind of dressed up too. For the haunted house at his high school he wore a black suit and tie, a fedora and black sunglasses while carrying a harmonica. That's right, he was a Blues Brother (singular). Kind of like dressing as a salt shaker if you ask me, but to each their own. While we don't have pictures of our "costumes," a term I use loosely, we do have an abundance of photos of Faith in costume. Without further ado...
The 80s babe. But since this obviously wouldn't have been warm enough to trick-or-treat in (and I think people would've looked at her mother funny) I give you exhibit B.
Little Miss Bo Peep
Funny part: The dress and bonnet are my old clothes. When my mom saw the combination together, she said, "Wow, I guess I did dress you like Little Bo Peep." We just added some tights and a long-sleeve shirt for warmth, her dress shoes and some PVC pipe turned rod/staff and tada - our very own nursery rhyme.
Little Bo Peep profile
The trick-or-treating part was more tricky than treaty. Faith can't have candy, not because her mother is a a psychotic control freak....ok, maybe a little, but she can't chew goodies like M & Ms and Skittles with only eight teeth. Couple that with some shyness around strangers and you have a recipe for performance anxiety. She liked walking between the houses the best, laughing to herself as she went. It was the highlight of my Halloween life.

 Howie was supposed to go as her sheep, but after the first house, let's just say he changed his mind and decided to go as a security dog.
btw, he's doing MUCH better!
She and the neighbor boy, who is just 10 days her senior, hit up the block together. He was an Alpine Valley German boy and a very cute one at that.
 Thomas was in charge of the doorbells.

If that weren't enough Oct. goodness, we also went to safety night at my mom's work, a tradition I used to partake in as a kid, so of course it seemed much smaller attending as an adult. Fun was had by all, especially Faith and her cousin, Cameryn, who dressed like a monkey, but I think she was really "The Blur" cause I never got a decent photo of her standing still! Here's the best I could do.

Faith also got her first and last tattoo, which she wouldn't stop showing off to anyone who would look at her arm. I was going to get her face-painted, but the clown suggested this instead so Faith could see it. Clowns are SMART!
Faith and the clown genius!
Faith and my favorite clown of all.
Til next year...

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