A thank you letter...

So I was told I don't blog on here much anymore, and there is good reason: my wife is such a better blogger than me. That doesn't excuse me from writing on here, I mean, I am the one where the moniker for the title is derived from (I know, Nic's a Lindquist... but she had to meet me at ISU for the alliteration to work) so I need to be a part of it. *I just deleted a winky-smiley-face here, and I'm much happier about it.

Truth is, Nic holds up my end of a lot of deals. Especially starting yesterday: the start of my second coaching season. She's already joined the support groups (Coaches Widows), but I know that she is already doing a lot. In fact, tonight I came home to a prepared dinner, and a nekid baby. All I had to do was watch the breakfast pizza (from "scratch") to make sure it didn't burn, and watch the baby until the bathwater was ready. I know it's a lot of work to do it all, and she does it well... much better than me. I usually complain a lot more (I'm kind of a whiner sometimes). Last night was the same deal - except all I had do to was eat all of the Chinese (food, not people) left out for me.

Consider this my "Ode to my wife"... eh, that title was just used recently. How about, my "thanks". And now that it's on the interweb, it means more, right?

Oh, and blogs are always better with pictures:
My little helper and I putting up Christmas lights... yes they're up already.

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