They're Creepy and they're Kooky...

The Lindquist Family!

Someone asked us last Halloween what happens when the "Lindquist Legos" connect...
Take a guess. Please circle one.

If you chose the adorable drooling baby that looks just like her dad you'd be correct.

Rob is always kind enough to play along with my Halloween costume ideas and this year was no exception. Faith was given a hand-me-down costume and though I wanted to make ones to go along with hers, Rob knew he'd have to do most of the work, so he convinced me we should just buy them. I obliged...this time.
That's a bull and a cow and a baby calf in case you can't tell. Mr. I-hate-fun refused to change into black pants and a black shirt for the full effect. And in case you were wondering, yes, I answered the door and handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters in that sexy outfit.
close up of the cows. you know i got the milk for it.

And here's the Lindquist pumpkins.
Mine. This is a Google image though. Thanks to Mr. Let's-put-the-Halloween-decos-away Nov. 1
And Faith's. Rob was a bit disturbed by the stem. We really need a guard dog sign on our front door.
And here's where I tie the title of the post in. We finally caught Faith laughing on camera. Apparently my singing or the Adams family theme song is hilarious. Probably my singing. I told Rob to grab the camera and he was so stealth-like that I didn't even notice him sneaking up on us. I turned around at the end looking for him and there he was. Way to go Dad!
Warning: I didn't know the lyrics, so I substituted with the word "dooky" a few times. Bonus for you.

Happy belated Halloween everyone! Rob can’t wait, is mildly excited doesn't want to know what I'll force him to dress up as next year :)

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