Let the summer begin...

Nicole says I don't post enough... I say I don't have a lot of time. But, with the summer now here, I will do my best to blog more. So what more appropriate time then now?

*Sing like Billy Joel's "Piano Man"
It's nine-o'clock on a Monday, and the regular crowd's reading this. There's a young man, writing recipes, that he took from another blog's list...
(To Chorus) 
Write us a blog, you're the blogging man
Write us a blog today
Because we're all in the mood for a recipe
Or what you come up with's okay
(Harmonica Solo)

My wife just walked in and called me a dork. I wear that title proudly. *Side note - Remember 80s/early 90s music videos when they were showing literally what the lyrics were saying? We should go back to that...

So, we've already grocery shopped on this Memorial Day. I met Cal, our sacker (who is a Vet), fed Faith breakfast, and we're starting lunch. Yes, lunch.

Mad props (does anyone even say that anymore?) to Abby K, we're taking two of her recipes from her blog Never Trust A Skinny Cook: a summer pasta salad, and a slow-cooked buffalo-style chicken sandwich. I'm very much looking forward to this.

Here is our current, progress:

Now with any and all recipes, we like to take liberties (read: my wife doesn't follow directions well). It usually starts with Nicole's good ideas (I'm not being sarcastic) and morphs into me taking over and inevitably saying, "and how many restaurants have you worked at?" So our food might taste a little different, but that's the fun in cooking!

I won't go into detail on the recipes (mainly because I might have forgotten what I've changed already), so you'll have to check out Abby's blog and use as you see fit. But I do want to mention the Frank's Hot Wing Sauce we used... it be good.

Pulling the chicken... so many jokes could be made:

Final product:

and it was DELICIOUS!

Oh, and Happy Memorial Day from Faith (and her pool)!


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