Days go by...

There are many perks to being a teacher: teaching the youth how to better themselves, snow days, seeing a student grow, summers, and bearing witness to the little light bulb going on above a student's head (figuratively, of course; although, literally, electricity is a good thing to have in a school).

Recently, I got a day off (personal day) and it was a way for me to relax a little before the end of the school year chaos that is about to hit me like hammer to the nose.

I was able to get a little golf in with another teacher while Faith was at daycare

A walk to the Old Market in Omaha to eat at a fine dining establishment (M's Pub)

Look at the new bird that has nested in my tree in the back yard (yes, sometimes I'm that lame)

But most importantly, spend a little more time with Faith

This last little moment is wonderful. I get to be with her after school and we have "daddy-time" until Nicole gets home. I look forward to it because I get to be a teacher once more. But we don't worry about the Odyssey. We have more important things to worry about.... being the best kid ever!


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