A View From the Top

I took a few pictures today, then realized they were all from the same angle: me looking down. It should be mentioned that all four of these things were happening simultaneously. Not much more to say, except that this girl is enjoying the view from the top. Pardon the short post, but I need to be working on homework (you suck), cleaning (you suck) bills (you suck) and planning Gabby's birthday party (you're cool). I'm out.

The "Overachiever of the Day" award goes to Mr. Lindquist, who after running 13.1 miles by himself on a desolate trail, came home and mowed the lawn, all before noon. I, on the other hand, managed to make macaroni and cheese all by myself, but did not do the dishes. 

Pickpocket much? This little lady loves nothing more than to remove every card from a perfectly organized wallet and then leave you searching for your debit card for 20 minutes. Gotta love her anyway!

Somebody's dad took her to "Free Comic Book Day," but instead of 1 free comic book, they came home with 20! Miss OCD is the Ying to Miss Pickpocket's Yang. She was also treated them like they were characters in a play. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

This puppy dog has never met a load of laundry fresh out of the dryer he didn't like. Good thing he was fresh out of the bath this morning. There was an incident involving cottage cheese, don't ask.

Why is there no picture of me from the top, you ask? A) I don't have a selfie stick like my mom. (Yes, my mother owns a selfie stick. Should make for fun Christmas cards. B) I've got a few grays and don't need you pointing them out. C) Rob was mowing the lawn and ain't nobody else in the house taller than 42 inches. Maybe if they all stood on each other's heads and Howie held the selfie stick….to be continued...

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