Preschool Dialogue

The following is a list of words that have come out of my 3-year-old's mouth as of late.

After she had been acting like a turkey all night, we sit down for dinner and she says:
"Mom, tell me about your work."

Faith: "I call Gabby "sweet pea."
Me: "Aww, that's a cute nickname."
Faith: "It's not a nickname. It's just what I call her."

After climbing into my driver's seat and getting behind the wheel, Faith shouts:
"Get outta my way!"
I have no idea who she learned that from...

"My hands are so..."
Daycare worker thought she was going to say "cold."

Throwing a fit when told she needed to take a nap:
"Thissss waaaasn't myyyy plaaaaaan."

Me: "I wish I was 3 sometimes."
Faith: "So you wouldn't like tomatoes?"

Faith: "He knocked down all the pins."
Grandma: "That's called a strike."
Faith: "He knocked down all the strikes."

Me: "Gabby's never had chocolate before."
Faith: (horrified) "We need to get her some chocolate baby food!"

Faith: (crying) "You said tomorrow was my last day (of daycare)."
Me: "Faith, I said that yesterday."
Faith: (pauses) "Wahhhhhh!"
This whole not being able to tell time thing is hard on a kid.

(While playing in the living room one morning, Faith sings to herself)
"Nationwide is on your side!"

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  1. Hahaha oh these made me laugh. That Nationwide commerical sure is catchy! :)